Reign Season 2 Recap: Banished

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Banished
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Nothing is as good as seeing two hot men fight over a queen (come on, swordfight anyone?), Catherine finally coming to her senses and the truth finally revealed about the death of her daughters, and of course, with so much revelation, it will be a surprise if no death has happened, right? Of course, someone died in “Reign” Season 2, Episode 12 “Banished.”

The episode kicked off with Mary telling Francis that she saw him sleeping with Lola and their child and that made her realize he could have been happier with that kind of life. However, she still doesn’t want to be touched so Francis just asked for her help as her wife and the queen of England to give out Narcisse’s land, and Mary agreed.

Bash told Kenna that he has been given a land and a title by the king but he also offered his mom some of his new lands. Meanwhile, Catherine was busy trying to erase the ghosts of the past especially now that her daughters have let go of their grudge and Henry was busy realizing his mistakes. Just one last straw, though, she and Henry ran around a maze in the snow chasing their daughters and they had sex again until Henry left her out cold. Well, she almost died because it was freezing but luckily Bash found her to tell her about the truth regarding the deaths of the twins.

It was actually Claude who asked Bash to investigate the murders of the twins and their first lead is the nanny who took care of the twins. They questioned her and they found out that she was one of the women their father screwed and the story was the night when the twins died, they had sex and she fell asleep leaving the window open, which is why the twins froze to death and the nanny put the twins’ death on Claude.

With the cat out of the bag, Bash found Catherine in the maze and told her about the truth behind the twins’ death. It was surprising because Catherine opened up to Bash telling him that Henry had been terrible to Diane, but this new revelation made Bash come up with another theory regarding the twins’ death. He confronted his mother about something he remembered the night the twins died: Catherine broke the window of the room where the twins were, which means that the window couldn’t have been blown open by the wind because it’s already broken and latched. That’s when Diane came clean and admitted that she was the one who killed the twins. Bash gave Diane an option to leave the land and never return but before she does that, she told Bash that Kenna told Catherine that she was in Rome last year. Uh-oh.

Bash definitely had several confrontations in this episode because it’s time to confront his wife about what Diane told him and surprisingly, Kenna admitted to it and revealed that she only did that because she loved Henry. Trouble’s ahead for these two.

Catherine finally let go of the twins and sent her husband “to hell” along his mistress—Diane—with him when she finally figured it out and choked her with her own necklace.

Back to giving away Narcisse’s lands, Francis wants to give some to the protestants who have proven themselves loyal to the crown and Mary suggested that it be Conde. However, Conde doesn’t want to take it and suggested that they just give it to someone more deserving. Things took a sudden turn when Francis saw Mary touch Conde’s arm and that’s when their bro fight begins.

The Ice Festival is happening at the castle and Francis chose this time to confront Conde about his feelings for his queen. Conde, who’s so in love with Mary, didn’t deny this and made sure that Francis felt his anger towards him by making him feel guilty for not being able to save Mary during the time when she needed saving the most and by punching him in the face. Punching the king’s face isn’t something you just do and someone like Francis will definitely fight back, and before things got out of hand, Mary came in between them to stop the fight.

Francis confronted Mary about Conde’s feelings for her and even suggested that living separate lives will only ruin their marriage. Mary just walked away, not appreciating the fact that her husband is putting a leash on her again.

In another scene, someone ratted out Castleroy, and Mary asked Greer about this but she denied it and asked Leith to hide all the evidence. They didn’t hide it well enough when a guard marched in the Ice Festival to say that Castleroy is guilty. Fortunately, Greer was saved but all of her rights will be stripped away from her and she is to be taken away.

After that, Mary asked Lola to offer herself to Conde. Conde was hesitant at first but Lola won him over. And to cap off this episode, Mary finally realized everything that Francis has told her this episode that she finally let him sleep by her bed to watch over her. Oh, these two!

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