Reign Season 2 Recap: Blood for Blood

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Blood for Blood
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Reign" Episode 5 “Blood for Blood” started with Castleroy attending a protestant church. (Yes, he’s getting a bit more rebellious this time.) However, everything got interrupted when a group of Catholics showed up and burned the church down. Fortunately, Castleroy was able to get out of there alive. Francis heard the news, and he sent Bash and Leith to the church to find the Catholics who burned down the church.

Leith found Castleroy all covered in ashes, and he quickly snuck him in the castle. Meanwhile, Greer gets ready for her wedding to Castleroy, while Mary assured Francis not to treat her like a grafile woman and even told him to tell her when she will visit his son.

Francis has other things in mind to worry about, especially when he found the piece of wood that killed his father on his pillow. He went to Caroline right away, and she spoke again of Henry’s death. That was the final straw because Francis finally came clean and admitted that he was the one who killed his father. Unfortunately, Narcisse overheard the whole thing.

Narcisse tried to blackmail Francis by telling him to free the Catholic prisoners to keep his secret safe. Francis asked for time to think, while the Protestants and Catholics started a game of revenge.

Francis then came up with the realization that the whole Henry/Caroline thing was just a plot to get him to admit his crime, and there’s only one person behind it: Narcisse. Then again, Narcisse didn’t do it to be king, but he wants Francis to listen to him and release the Catholic prisoners.

Meanwhile, Kenna saw two women having an intimate moment together, and she found out that things were that hot because of a sex journal! She confiscated the sex journal and read it as if it’s the bible. Lola found her reading the journal, and Kenna told her about it. The sex journal contained rankings as well on the different men that the owner of the journal has slept with, and there’s one that stood out with a detailed description on his physical appearance.

This peaked Lola and Kenna’s interest to find that man. The wedding was fast approaching, but Leith told Greer about what happened to Castleroy and suggested to her to talk to him. She did, and Castleroy admitted that when Yvette died, he decided to give Protestantism a try. He finally made the decision to fully convert after what happened earlier that day. Castleroy told her that he understands if Greer doesn’t want to marry him anymore, but he would still continue to support her sisters. Still, Greer chose to marry Castleroy.

Lola was persistent to find the man in the sex journal. Luckily, she found him — Narcisse. Can you imagine him being a sex god??? The two hit it off right away, and Narcisse seemed to be interested in Lola too. Francis lost hope in dealing with Narcisse, and Mary got a blow this episode when Francis told him that he’s lost faith in her. Howeverm this wasn’t the truth at all. He just said that so Mary couldn’t press anymore questions because he might just reveal the truth about his father’s death, and he’s not ready for that yet.

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