Reign Season 2 Recap: Coronation

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Coronation
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Who would say that a king and queen's coronation can go smoothly? Of course not. And that’s what happened “Reign” Season 2 Episode 3 "Coronation." Read on for the full recap.

It’s coronation day, and there were plenty of coronation events that Francis and Mary have to think about. Catherine was helping with the plannin, but the new King and Queen of France were not in a celebratory mood due to the plague and debt. Noblemen from different countries are expected to witness their coronation, and with what recently happened to their country, the pressure was on. Mary also awaited the grain that Narcisse promised.

Kenna and Lola will be walking down the aisle as well, and due to the fact that Francis claimed his child with Lola publicly, the noble wives flocked towards her and to Kenna. Kenna didn’t like the spotlight that Lola was having, especially that her and Bash’s house has been burned due to the plague, and they didn't have a secured land to call their own.

Fortunately, a lady came to Bash regarding Lord Barnard, who apparently was murdered of by husband. Bash started to investigate, but it wasn’t soon later that Lady Barnard bribed Lola with land. Meanwhile, Lola can’t be bothered with the noble wives trying to get to her because she’s more concerned that her favorite nanny has been fired. Francis only told her that she reminds him of someone. In reality, Francis tracked Caroline down to be able to talk to his father again.

Caroline told him that it wasn’t Lord Montgomery who killed him, and he also said that he started acting weird before he died. He even claimed that he was plotting against him. Henry also revealed that something was holding him there. What could it be?

Mary talked to German Duke who proposed to her that he would give her grain if she released their Protestant prisoners. She considered this option, but before she decides, she told Francis about this. However, Francis was skeptical because helping a Protestant can make Catholic nobles mad. As for Mary, she’s running out of time because the German Duke is set to leave, so she did what she thinks best. She agreed, and the duke revealed to her that the prisoners were someplace else. Mary found them, but she had a few encounters with some guards until she came face to face with Conde who obliged to release the prisoners. Mary got her grain, and she didn't need Narcisse’s help anymore. Then again, they were still able to get some grain from him.

Francis and Mary were crowned as the King and Queen of France, and they had such sexy and passionate sex after. They agreed to rule TOGETHER.

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