Reign Season 2 Recap: Drawn and Quartered

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Drawn and Quartered
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In the latest episode of “Reign” Season 2, Episode 2 “Drawn and Quartered,” the plague was over, but Francis and Mary had other matters to sort out. There was a very intriguing revelation at the end of this episode that made us gasp. Read on for the full recap of the show.

King Francis was back with Lola and his child. Mary was more than happy to see her husband back, and they were even wearing matching coats when Francis arrived. Making the most of every moment of being with each other, the two had an intimate moment together to celebrate their reunion. This scene was so hot and sexy. Perhaps that’s what the plague did to them.

Francis greeted Bash, and he wasn’t only greeted with a hug but also an invitation to be included in Francis’ council as trusted adviser. Bash said that he’ll think about it, and just before we can concentrate on this development for Bash, Narcisse arrived pointing a finger at Nostradamus. He’s done some investigating, and he thought that Nostradamus was the one who killed his son, and he should be charged for it. Mary, who’s always at the top of things, tried to handle the situation by visiting Narcisse’s chamber and talking him out of his accusation. However, Narcisse, just purely evil and just don’t back down to whoever he’s talking to even the Queen, said that he wants Nostradums drawn and quartered (hence this episode’s title).

Francis and Mary talked about Nostradamus and what they should do with Narcisse. They have to come up with evidence that Narcisse has been doing evil things as well — killing innocent people. During this talk, they also discussed their current situation in terms of their relationship. Mary expressed her frustration at Francis for sleeping with Lola and then running away amidst the plague.

King Francis asked Bash to gather evidence against Narcisse, but before Bash could do so, he encountered a reckoning when he came across a random stranger talking about dead and the living. Meanwhile, Lola was trying to reach out to Mary by asking her that she can help find something about Narcisse that they can use against him to save Nostradamus. Fortunately, they discovered that Narcisse has killed a cardinal, and this evidence was enough that they can counter to save Nostradamus. However, the question is: Can they still save him?

Francis also visited his father’s grave with his mother, and Catherine also said goodbye to Nostradamus, but he rejected the farewell and told her about Clarissa who might still be alive. Nostradamus was about to be executed, but Mary was able to save the day by reading a confession by someone about Narcisse’s evil ways. However, Francis interrupted her, and he burned the letters to show that Narcisse can trust the king. They were able to save Nostradamus after all, and the king has given Narcisse an impression or somewhat a favor.

Bash accepted Francis’ offer, and Mary told Francis that he should name the baby after him. Francis was with his child, asking the maid how to hold him when the maid surprisingly told him about giving birth to him. Obviously, the maid was possessed by Henry, and the maid admitted that he’s Francis’ father. That’s a good way to wrap up this episode.

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