Reign Season 2 Recap: The End of Mourning

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: The End of Mourning
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Reign” Season 2, Episode 14 “The End of Mourning” kicked off to a very cold start – literally and how did it end? Well, coldly, too! Read below for the full recap.

Literally speaking, this episode kicked off with Mary, Conde, Lola and the others out in the snowy field. It was so cold, which was why the royals were wrapped with expensive fur to keep them warm. Conde and Lola were flirting and Mary noticed it. She wants to convince herself that she’s happy with this development since she is also the one responsible for the two of them getting together, you could see in her eyes that she’s jealous.

Meanwhile, there’s a mystery to be solved this episode: who poisoned King Henry? Surprisingly, amidst the mysterious poisoning the Duke of Guise, Mary’s uncle came to court with the intention to apologize to his niece and also to court Catherine.

Bash and Narcisse were the ones left to do the detective work on Henry’s poisoning. All of the evidence that they found points to Conde. Francis and Mary called for Conde and Antoine to talk about the accusations. Then, Catherine barged in to tell them that it was actually the Duke of Guise who poisoned Henry. It was because a valet named Fredrich was hired by the Duke to poison Henry.

Conde wasn’t pleased that he was accused of poisoning Henry. Antoine revealed that it was Bash who killed their brother. Bash defended himself by telling Antoine that Henry ordered him to kill the man. He forgave him and told him that he will persuade Conde to forgive him as well.

Guise was leaving the castle when his coach got attacked and was killed. In turns out that Narcisse was behind this and he knows the truth. It was actually Antoine who hired a man to poison Henry. With this knowledge, Narcisse used this to his advantage. He let Antoine know that he knows and he covered up for him and in return, they will work together to take down Francis.

Since Mary has been cold to Francis, Francis has been turning to Lola while Mary is all about Conde.

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