Reign Season 2 Recap: Forbidden

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Forbidden
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Reign” Season 2 continues to exceed our expectations. In Episode 15 “Forbidden,” some of the characters have to choose between love and duty. When these two gets mixed up, they can really tear one up or cause bad decisions. Yikes! Read below for the full recap.

Mary’s mom was in town for her uncle’s funeral. And really, she’s the typical mom of the 16th century who has a queen daughter. She didn’t miss the chance to berate Mary regarding Queen Elizabeth who’s unwed. This is probably the best time for Mary to bear a child to assert the supremacy of Queen Elizabeth. Mary considered this and did the unthinkable. She went to Francis and asked him to make babies with her. And, of course, Francis didn’t take this well.

After months of Mary asking for some time away, start seeing other people and what-not, now she wants him to make babies with her? Cut the guy some slack, Mary, he’s got emotions, too! To make things worse, Mary even mentioned that they do it not for love but for duty. That’s really romantic of you, Mary. Can’t you see that Francis loves you and he’s now ready to sacrifice his duty as the King of France for you? Oh, the irony!

Meanwhile, Antoine is pursuing Kenna. He even asked her to become the Queen of Navarre. Of course, she turned it down because she’s in love with Bash. Ironically, Bash doesn’t appreciate her the way Antoine does.

Mary de Guise threw dirt at Lola’s face. She subtly pinpoints her wrongdoings as the best friend of the Queen of France whom she betrayed. It was because she slept with Francis and now has a child with him and now her mere existence has become a threat to her best friend. Lola was shocked that she got herself drunk and was all over Francis (what a bad friend!). After a few moments of flirting, she ran away towards the arms of Narcisse, but Narcisse wasn’t really up for sex with a drunken woman.

And this episode’s shocker was that Mary has decided to go to Scotland. She wanted to become a Queen there and she’s taking Conde with her! But as much as we know that Conde would go with her until he got an invitation from Queen Elizabeth wanting to meet him! Conde now has to consider going with Mary but he will not be able to be with her or marry her. It was because she’s already married or go to the Queen of England instead.

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