Reign Season 2 Recap: The Fugitive

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: The Fugitive
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In “Reign” Season 2, Episode 20 “Fugitive” made it clear that men before are pretty much the same as the men today. Well, not all men, though… some of them. Read below for the full recap to know why.

Francis had Renaude’s men searching for Conde while Kenna has been fantasizing about Renaude. Meanwhile, Mary is still trying to save Conde. She even asked Francis to let him go. Since Conde has committed treason and it’s not something that the could conceal, Francis can’t promise his queen the life of her lover.

Catherine was playing fire with Narcisse still and wants Narcisse to prove to her that Lola was just a “passing fancy.” And in order to prove this, Narcisse sketched a photo of Lola in a bathtub and just like that the rumor about her spread like wildfire.

Mary went to Greer and told her to keep an ear out for news about Conde and even gave Greer more money as bribe. Greer has other things to focus on such as her brothel. Leith returned to the Cardinal for an update about their annulment. However, he only has two options: do chores for a year to be able to pay for the annulment or steal from the castle. Leith chose the latter but Claude caught him. She then turned him into one of her servants and they did it. So much for Catherine’s orders.

Lola confronted Narcisse about the sketch that has been spreading around. Narcisse told her that he showed it to other nobles to win a bet.

In Conde news, he met up with Mary to say sorry and then came up with a plan to get him out of town by forging some papers. Unfortunately, Renaude caught him at a checkpoint but Elizabeth’s men were there to the rescue and is willing to marry Conde but he has to be King first. It means that Conde has to kill Francis in order to be king. Conde was hesitant at first but with more than 20 men chanting his name, he agreed.

Claude and Leith had a talk and Claude asked him to leave his wife. However, Leith told her that he would do anything to be with his wife again. It turned Claude’s heart into mush that she gave Leith her diamond earrings to sell to pay for the annulment.

Leith immediately went to Greer bearing good news. Greer was scared to live a family life because she plans to keep the brothel because the income there is stable. He made her choose and Greer chose the Brothel instead of being with Leith. Ouch.

Oh and Francis found out that Mary tried to help Conde again and Mary asked for forgiveness but Francis can’t forgive her yet as long as Conde is out there, fighting against France.

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