Reign Season 2 Recap: Getaway

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Getaway
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In “Reign” Season 2 Episode 11 “Getaway,” we have seen a horny ghost, a medieval swingers party, love, politics and incest. That much went down in the latest episode of the show.

Francis has ordered everyone responsible for the attack to be hanged. When the bodies were being put away, they discovered that the bodies had the Mark of the Dark Riders. Bash wasn’t able to digest the information very well. It was until an angry Cardinal stormed in. He said that the Protestants made up the dark rider story to cover for themselves and that mark only means that it’s the mark of traitors.

Meanwhile, Mary decided to leave the castle for a while and go to a chateau with Greer. She needed time alone for herself, and we know that she hates Francis as of the moment. Conde had to go with her when one of his lovers told the Cardinal that Conde has the brand too. Luckily, Mary heard Bash and Francis talking about it, so she took Conde along with her. They went to Antoine’s chateau, Conde’s brother, and they were immediately invited to a party.

It turned out to be a swingers party. Antoine told his guests that they could pick one person and have sex with them right then and there. Upon hearing this, Mary and Greer left the party right away while Conde stayed behind. They found a girl whom he imagined to be Mary just because the woman was very horny and really wanted to have sex with him.

Back at the castle, King Henry was still there, on Catherine’s side.  She was planning to poison her own daughter, Claude. Their encounter with Kenna was really hilarious. Kenna figured out that Catherine plans to poison Claude, and she told Claude right away. Claude was upset, so she decided to have sex with Bash – who’s her half-brother, by the way.

Meanwhile, Francis came up with a new plan with Mary on his mind. He was planning to stand up against the Vatican. He confided in Bash about this, and Bash has a plan in mind. He wanted put the Mark of the Dark Rides on the Cardinal’s lover. But of course, the plan failed, and the Cardinal found out that it was Bash who planned such a thing. Still, Francis was determined. He told the Cardine to leave France, or he’ll kill his lover. The Cardinal chose love and left France.

Mary and Conde finally had the talk. Mary wanted to go back to the castle and make things right with her husband. It was when she found out that Francis was standing up against the Vatican when the Vatican sent people after Conde. Mary was able to save Conde, and she went back to the castle. When she got there, she found Francis asleep with Lola and their baby.

As for Catherine, she finally forgives Claude for killing her other daughters.

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