Reign Season 2 Recap: Reversal of Fortune

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Reversal of Fortune
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In the latest episode of “Reign” Season 2, Episode 18 “Reversal of Fortune” Mary had to play the role of King for a day and make decisions that could affect her future and her happiness as well as the future of her two countries. Read below for the full recap:

Francis’ ears wouldn’t’ stop bleeding and the physician said that if his fever continues, he might die. Meanwhile, his wife was with her lover Conde. Conde feels that Mary isn’t completely happy with him although she claims she is. He thinks there’s something that he couldn’t put his finger on it yet. After their lovemaking, Lola arrived and told Mary about Francis and she immediately rushed to his side.

Catherine, who was there, was ready to blame Mary for what has happened to her son and to also tell her that she knows what she’s doing. After Catherine got her point across, Mary talked to Francis while he lied there unconscious. She told him to love.

Since the King of France lied unconscious, rumors were flying around of his illness and Mary has to put an end to it because it might cause an uproar. She played the role of her husband and talked to the advisers to tell them to let everyone know that Francis is off hunting and got a little lost in the woods. Of course, Narcisse didn’t buy this.

Mary then sent Kenna to find Bash. Bash woke up at the home of the Woman in White, Delphine and told him that the man who stabbed him has already been caught and he should go to town to confirm the man’s guilt. He did so and the man was hanged right away. Another person was about to be hanged and it was a witch… named Clarissa. Yes, she’s back and Bash took her to Delphine’s. Learning that Francis is ill, Bash is scared that saving Clarissa might end the King’s life. He rushed off to Francis’ side after taking Clarissa to Delphine’s.

Back in the castle, Mary is dealing with more problems: the Protestant rebels are on the move and they are starting to kill Mary’s supporters. She has to decide whether she’s going to risk the lives of her people to help her country. Conde and Lola told her to do it but Catherine told her not to. Bash arrived and when he found Francis he then took the blame because he saved Clarissa so he went back to Delphine’s house and poison Clarissa.

Mary went to Conde who has another idea: to use Narcisse’s secret army and Mary tried to threaten Narcisse into letting her use his army but Narcisse wasn’t threatened and he went straight to Catherine to whom he offered his army and tricked Mary that his general is two days away but Kenna told her that the general was called off. Mary was furious and is now determined to take Narcisse down.

She went back to her husband’s side who is still unconscious to tell him that she’s sending the French troops to Scotland and she hopes that she can forgive him just like when she forgave him for his decisions that led to her rape. She even told him the time when she couldn’t stand the sound of his breathing and now she clings to that sound now. Magically, Francis woke up and he was immediately forced to make a decision on Scotland. He sent French troops to Scotland not just because of Mary, but because he made a promise to her country. Mary asked him if he regrets marrying her and he told her to leave.

Mary then went straight to Conde and told her that she can’t leave France and all she can give him is her heart. Conde was devastated and Mary returns to her husband and asked to stay with him.

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