Reign Season 2 Recap: The Siege

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: The Siege
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Just when Francis and Mary are trying to put the pieces back together in their marriage, Conde comes in between and is now on full attack against France in “Reign” Season 2, Episode 21 “The Siege.” Read on for the full recap.

Francis is busy planning on what to do ever. It was since Conde disappeared and his marriage is still on the rocks. Mary apologized again, but he rejected it by saying that her words don’t mean anything to him anymore. Ouch. Well, she deserves it after what she did to Francis!

In other news, Kenna and Renaude are really getting it on. It was until Renaude was captured by Conde’s men and was threatened that he will kill his son if he doesn’t join his men. Renaude was left with no choice but to fight against France.

Oh and Bash and Delphine are also getting it on. Bash finally brought Delphine to court. Kenna saw it and urged Bash to move forward with their annulment especially now that she has found love in Renaude’s arms (that’s what she thinks, though). Delphine told Bash that she predicted a future with him with children and Bash reluctantly accepts her prediction. However, we saw Delphine getting his shirt with a blood stain on it. Hmm… something’s fishy.

Narcisse and Catherine went out on a date, in which Catherine gifted Narcisse his favorite horse, the one he thought he lost together with his land. Narcisse was so happy as well as Catherine. However, their sweet date was interrupted when a messenger arrived bringing news that they are under attack. Both rushed to the castle and Francis said that Lola and Mary should both leave for their safety. Lola is ready to go, but Narcisse interrupted her, thinking that it would be the last time he will see her kissed her and a servant saw them.

Mary tried to stay behind but Francis wouldn’t let her to and even went soft and told her that he doesn’t want to put her in danger again. So she was left with no choice and left in a carriage guarded by Renaude and his men. However, of course, Renaude has turned and took her to a different route. She quickly sensed what was happening so she went off and escaped.

Conde’s men were already at the Castle’s gates when she arrived and Francis’ men fought hard and won that round. So Conde asked to talk to Francis one-on-one instead. Renaude was captured and imprisoned.

Catherine was basking in the victory and invited Narcisse for dinner Then the servant served them horse meat. It was actually from the horse that she gave Narcisse. She told him that she knows what she did and made it clear to him that she will never share his love with another. Narcisse looked frightened.

Francis headed to meet Conde. Conde told him to surrender to save Mary’s life, but Francis isn’t willing to go down without a fight. Conde also revealed that he knows Francis sent messengers to ask Spain for help and has captured all of the messengers already. It means that he’s short of men and he is left with no choice.

Going back to Delphine, he lured a servant into her room and did a ritual using Bash’s blood-stained shirt. After some chanting, she splashed wine all over herself and saw the servant as Bash. Uh-oh.

Francis has come to the conclusion to surrender. He told Mary that Conde is still in love with her and he can’t save her. Mary then took matters into her own hands and went to Conde. She told him what Francis told her and “dropped a bomb” that she’s pregnant and asking to be saved.

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