Reign Season 2 Recap: Sins of the Past

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Sins of the Past
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It’s rather weird that a bible can be deadly – yes, you read that right, the Holy Bible! And in “Reign” Season 2, Episode 13 “Sins of the Past” it was given light why it’s deadly and Antoine’s arrival in France bearing news about Queen Elizabeth has twisted things around for Francis and Mary. Read below for the full recap.

A party was about to happen in court signifying new beginnings especially that winter may be over a few days or weeks from now. It means that it’s time for Antoine to visit the court for the first time in years. I was done with a request to renew the peace treaty between France and Navarre and also, a request for funds.

Francis has found a chateau that he plans to expand for him and Mary. It was especially now that they are starting over again. However, with Antoine’s arrival and news, he was forced to ask Narcisse for help to find out more information on Antoine and the state of Navarre. Narcisse was hesitant to help at first. But he has no choice and once he was released from prison he went straight to Lola. He asked her to meet him after the feast and go to the hot springs together. This guy really has an obsession with baths!

Catherine shed light on the war between the families. The Bourbons were actually the rightful heir to the throne. They almost took over Francis when he got sick when he was still a child. It urged King Henry to send them to fight the Italian war and that was when Marcus (Antoine and Conde’s brother) died. Now, Antoine thinks it ‘s Bash who killed his brother. Antoine told Conde that when he was to meet Marcus back. Then, he passed a French soldier on the way and when he got to Marcus, he was already dead. However, Conde told Antoine that he needs more proof than that to accuse Bash. Antoine also knows that his proof isn’t that strong so his next move was to flirt with Kenna.

Since Bash was away, busy spending his time in a town Antoine had Kenna all to himself. And it didn’t take much effort for Kenna to reveals that bash did fight alongside Henry during the Italian war. Conde still thinks that it’s not enough proof.

Meanwhile, Catherine is getting closer to losing her mind. She has been having hallucinations and when the doctor examined her, she was told that she has syphilis. Claude then called a specialist on the case to take care of her mother. Catherine told Francis that if ever she dies, they have to make it look like she died of consumption while she was helping orphans.

Claude, on the other hand, requested that Narcisse be his teacher and a lover, too. Meanwhile, Mary finally let Francis touched him . They had a great tiome during the party while Conde watched jealously. He then told Antoine to stop getting information from Kenna already.

Narcisse returned to court with news that Navarre really does need help. England has offered help in exchange to allowing their troops into Navarre and placing them right in the French border. Mary then went to Conde but he refused to spy on his own brother but offered her advice to give Antoine money.

Lola caught Narcisse and Claude making out. This upsets her and that made her finally try it with Conde by dancing with him. However, little did she know, Narcisse actually dumped Claude because Claude doesn’t want to have sex.

Francis and Mary met up with Antoine to confront him about the England situation and Antoine admitted that Elizabeth did approach her with that deal but he hasn’t sealed it yet and instead went to France to give them this chance. Elizabeth is doing this because she thinks that France is planning to attack her country, which is a protestant country and have Mary take her throne.

With that, Mary realized that things are never going to feel safe. She decided to free Francis but Francis doesn’t want to.

To wrap up this episode, Narcisse visited Catherine. He figured out that the woman doesn’t have syphilis looking at the sores only on her mouth and hands. Catherine tried to remember what else she touched. She remembered touching Henry’s bible and when she tried to pour some liquid on it, it steams.

And as for Antoine, he finally decided that Bash killed his brother and he’s out for revenge.

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