Reign Season 2 Recap: Tasting Revenge

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Tasting Revenge
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Infidelity is the theme in “Reign” Season 2, Episode 16 “Tasting Revenge.” If you missed it, read below for the full recap.

Mary is still hung up on what happened to her that she blames Francis for it while she feels safe in Conde’s arms. She told Francis that she can be with anyone he wants while she goes to Conde and leave for Scotland. Mary met up with Conde and told him about their plan. They need to find an agent who would give them all the information they need on their way to Scotland such as the troops that are currently occupied by England.

Meanwhile, Catherine is rooting for Lola to be Francis’ mistress. There was a vintage wine tasting event/party happening that night to celebrate Francis’ birth. The Lords of the land have brought their daughters with the hopes that Francis would consider one of them to be his mistress. However, Francis wasn’t really looking for someone. Even Narcisse brought in his niece, Emily as a candidate to be Francis’ mistress.

Antoine was scheming and his target was Kenna. Because Bash killed his brother, he wanted to get back at him. After the kiss he and Kenna shared, Kenna actually considers to be with him. He accomplished his plan to hurt Bash. Kenna was curious to know Antoine’s wife whom he claims to be ill. When she sent her a letter to come over to a court, she found out that she is actually pregnant. And Bash knew all about this that he slipped the letter Kenna sent his wife in Bash’s hands and what did Bash do when Kenna admitted that she considered being with Antoine? He left and their goes their marriage and Antoine left court, too but I think he’ll be back.

Mary and Conde shared a kiss and while they were together someone saw them. This woman threatened them that she would tell everyone and they would be sent to their deaths unless they end their affair. It turns out that the woman was hired by Antoine because he wants Conde to pursue Elizabeth.

Lola talked to Francis. She told him that he has to let Mary go if this is her way of healing. Francis finally agreed. He talked to Mary telling her that she and Conde can stay in the castle. He would protect them, but they have to make sure that no one sees them. Mary was delighted with such news. Also, Francis had sex with Emily, Narcisse’s niece but he didn’t feel good afterwards and wanted Lola instead. Lola hesitated because she doesn’t want to hurt Mary.

However, just when things are going well for Mary and Conde, Conde turned his back around and met up with the English envoy. Uh-oh!

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