Reign Season 2 Recap: Terror of the Faithful

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Terror of the Faithful
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Catherine was becoming a bit crazy, while Francis and Mary were facing problems in their marriage, not to mention the issue between the Protestants and the Catholics. Find out what happened on “Reign” Season 2 Episode 8 “Terror of the Faithful.” 

Cardinal Vasari was in town with his men with orders to cut off the lips of the Protestant peasants. With his presence in France and what he plans to do, Mary was outraged and blamed Francis and told him that she might have given up on him, but she’s not giving up on France. Francis then told Bash that the only reason he wants Mary to go away was to protect her from Narcisse, but of course, she couldn’t tell Mary this.

Catherine was with her daughter, Claude, with news that the Bavarian Count, her fiancé, was in the castle already. Jacob Revel kidnapped Coden and gave him a task to get a Protestant minister to talk to the king and queen. Lola got lost in the forest, and who else rescued her but the dark prince, Narcisse. He offered her to be his mistress, and with Lola’s look, she seemed to like the idea. But not for long, though, because Lola’s loyalty still lies to the king, and she told Francis about Narcisse. Francis then told her that Narcisse is after him, Mary and their child. Just to hear her child’s name was enough for Lola to betray Narcisse, and she finally agreed to blackmail him by leaving the envelope in his house.

Conde brought over a minister to the king and queen, who requested to rebuild the Protestant church. Of course, Francis reluctantly agreed, and the protestant pushed his luck further when he requested that they take down Cardinal Vasari. If they don’t, he has explosives to blow up the Catholics. Outraged by his demands, Francis ordered the minister to be arrested and ordered him to get tortured until he reveal where the explosives are.

Catherine and Claude welcomed the Bavarians, yet the Bavarians weren’t 100 percent on board with Claude when they questioned her virtue. They had no choice but to have her tested that she’s still a virgin, and Catherine said that she needs to pay whoever will do the test just so they can get the results that they want.

Conde revealed to the king and queen that the minister was working for the radicals, and Francis left Mary and Conde alone. They talked about the minister. Mary came to the conclusion that there were really no explosives; it was just a plot to make the minister a martyr. Francis talked to the minister, and he told him where the explosives were. He then ordered Conde to get them, but Conde didn’t find anything.

Bash found Claude and talked to her to change castles, but Claude doesn’t want to. He then went to Catherine to ask her why she’s pushing the marriage, and Catherine only answered her with the story of her twins that died. She saw the twins on her bed looking very creepy. Then we saw her tuck the twins in.

Bash went to Narcisse’s home to investigate, but he didn’t find anything. Narcisse was  a step ahead of him, and he confronted Lola about this and told her that whoever’s side she’s on, her child will always be in danger. Now, this made Lola think.

The minister died after getting tortured in the dungeon. When they were about o dispose his body in the forest, the men were attacked by Protestants. And that’s when they found out that Mary’s conclusion was right. They were planning to make the Protestant a martyr.

Catherine knew that it was Claude who killed her twins after having so many flashbacks this season as well as the ghostly appearances of the twins.

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