Reign Season 2 Recap: The Lamb and the Slaughter

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: The Lamb and the Slaughter
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One of the best things about “Reign” is that even amidst the politics, chaos and supernatural stuff, it still pulls us back to its original theme — a love story. Find out what happened in Episode 4 “The Lamb and the Slaughter.”

It was almost the christening of Francis’ son, and no one’s as busy as the grandmother, Catherine, who wants everything to be extravagant, so much for Lola and Francis’ plan to keep everything small and simple. However, you just simply could not say no to Catherine, and this is her grandchild we’re talking about anyway.

Lola, on the other hand, could not stand Catherine anymore and went to Mary to ask her to let her move out of the castle. Because aside from the whole Catherine thing, she knows that Mary’s anger towards her, after what she has done to her, will surface in time. She does not want to be around to be the recipient of the queen’s anger.

Narcisse showed up at the castle with her new wife, Estelle. She was the woman who helped Lola while she was giving birth. When she saw Lola, she immediately went up to her to ask for help. It turned out that Narcisse has a knack for abusing his wives in a really brutal way, and Estelle was so scared. Lola then went to Mary to ask for her help, but Mary didn’t help her. What did Lola do next? She made her own plan of letting Estelle escape during the christening while everyone’s busy. However, Mary came around before she executed her plan, and she threatened one of Narcisse’s guards so Estelle can get away. But before she could do so, she jumped off a cliff and killed herself.

Now, let us put the spotlight on our Queen Mary, and she was glowing. The reason behind this glow is that she is pregnant! Oh, joy! Finally, an heir to the throne — hopefully. Mary knew all along that she is pregnant, but she did not want to tell anyone yet until she is very sure that she is with child. It has been six weeks, and she thought that now was the perfect time to break the good news to her king. She did this by having some hot passionate sex with him, but Catherine interrupted them by informing them that she also knew all along that Mary is pregnant because she had her pee tested a couple of weeks ago.

Mary agreed to be the godmother of Lola’s son, but on her way to the christening, she felt so much pain. She asked Conde to take her back to her chamber, and there, she found blood. It only means one thing — she lost the baby. But as the queen of France, she didn’t let that get in the way of her obligations that day so she endured the pain and still went to the christening. She asked Conde not to tell anyone about the miscarriage just yet.

After the christening, Francis went to his queen, and there, Mary cried and broke the news that she lost the baby. Being the prince charming that we always dreamed about, Francis took his queen out of the room to reminisce about their childhood when they used to chase fireflies. When there were no fireflies, Mary would cry, but that was not why Francis was happy. It was because he waited for those fireflies with Mary.

After that very sweet scene, Francis was not done yet because he asked to launch a lot of Japanese lanterns into the sky to give Mary the fireflies that she deserves. He then told Mary, “Whatever the future brings, you are my light.” 

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