Reign Season 2 Recap: The Prince of the Blood

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: The Prince of the Blood
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Reign” Season 2 Episode 7 “The Prince of the Blood” has been a whirlwind of drama. It kicked off with Catherine’s daughter, Claude, arriving drunk —mostly likely throughout the episode. Claude needed to greet the King and Queen of France, and it went pretty well. The royals did not actually mind her being drunk at all because they have more important matters to take care of.

Speaking of important matters, the first one came to Francis in the form of Narcisse. He asked him to sign an edict where it says that all the people in France should declare their faith to the king publicly, and failure to do so would result to their deaths. He asked this from him in front of Mary, and Mary was oblivious to the fact that her king feels trapped and obliged to say yes to Narcisse, or he will reveal his biggest secret.

Mary also learned that Greer and Castleroy were attacked during their wedding tour because Castleroy didn’t attend the mass. Francis headed off with Bash to let some steam out, especially with the whole Narcisse thing hanging over his head. Bash has been watching Narcisse very closely, and he vowed to find the nanny and Montgomery and also kill Narcisse. Such loyalty, Bash.

Mary and Francis had a talk regarding the edict, and all Mary told her husband was that she’s leaving it all up to him because she knows that he will make the right choice. This uplifted the spirit of the king of France, but with a kick of guilt because with Mary’s belief in him, could he disappoint her?

However, Mary must be fit to be royal because even though she told her husband that she’s leaving it all up to him, she’s plotting something on her own. She went to Conde and ask for help. What she wanted to happen was to divide the nobles by simply finding a protestant who can contradict the edict and declare it publicly. Of course, Conde agreed.

Catherine was also scheming when she told Francis that Gifford was a spy and sending coded messages to Elizabeth. She told her that there were probably more English spies in the castle. This sparked an idea, especially when Francis found out that there’s something going on with Lola and Narcisse. Being the king and with that so much power, he asked Lola to plant an envelope in Narcisse’s place.

So Lola, willing to do what the king told her, went to Narcisse. Meanwhile, Narcisse wanted another show in the bath. Lola agreed. While Narcisse was preparing it for him because she asked him to, she slipped the envelope behind his stuff. Things took a sudden turn when Narcisse told her that they should learn to trust each other, and he was so convincing that Lola went to the dark side right then and there and betrayed the king.

She then told Francis that she wasn’t able to do what he asked her to do because she’s just being used by both of them, but it’s definitely not Narcisse.

Catherine talked to Mary, and she told her not to trust Conde because his family was once a rival to the throne. However, Conde still showed that he can be trusted by the queen by being the Protestant volunteer to declare his religion publicly, and that pushed three other people to join him publicly as well. Mary thanked Conde for this, and Conde said that he did it all for her. Well, it seems like someone’s has a HUGE crush on our queen, and this MIGHT just create some more drama in the castle. 

Francis was very proud of Mary until Bash has found the nanny and has killed her. He sent Mary away for protection. Narcisse found out about this of course, and trouble started to bubble up when Narcisse told Francis that no matter what happens, Mary and Catherine will get dragged in Henry’s death because she has some people who could stand as witnesses against these ladies.

Then Lola changed her mind when she broke things off with Francis because she just can’t be enemies with the king of France. While Mary was away, she received news that Francis signed the edict, so she went to him to call him a coward and told him some pretty nasty stuff. All Francis said was if all of the stuff she told her were true, then she might as well return to her home and leave him. The sad news was we all know that Francis only said that to protect her.

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