Reign Season 2 Recap: Three Queens

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Reign Season 2 Recap: Three Queens
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Royals can play as commoners, and surely, they won’t get noticed at all — well, in the case of Catherine and Mary. In “Reign” Season 2 Episode 6 “Three Queens,” we how wise Catherine is, Mary’s determination to make her marriage work as well as her being queen, and the new pact between Lola and Narcisse. Read on for the full recap.

After the fight Francis and Mary had in the previous episode regarding Mary’s inability to keep a child in her womb, Mary set off with Catherine. Catherine was on her way to a noble’s party to give a speech to the whole village and thank them for their love, while Mary’s goal was to see a physician who could help her with the problems of her womb.

However, they realized that the carriage was going in the wrong way, and they also encountered some men who were against the royals. Fortunately, Catherine has an escape hatch in her carriage, and she and Mary were able to escape. They removed their jewelries so they would look like commoners, and they stumbled upon what seems to be a bar. Catherine talked her way to the owner of the place to give them a free dinner, but Mary nailed it when she said that they’re going to work in exchange for a meal. However, Catherine has a sprain, which meant that the whole work of serving the people in the bar was left to Mary.

Mary obliged, and she was very good at it actually, until some impostors arrive. These impostors were trying to imitate Mary, Francis and Catherine. Catherine offered her crown so that they could get a ride to the next town. However, they all got into a battle when Gifford attacked the impostors and was about to attack Mary and Catherine as well, but luckily and conveniently, they have a dagger, and Catherine has something with her that can help her defend her life, which what they both did.

Francis came to their rescue, and Catherine has a quick talk with Francis, telling him that his wife went through all that trouble just to resolve her problem with her uterus and to be able to give him a child and have a happy marriage. She also told him that he should be honest because if not, Mary may go far away.

With that in mind, Francis went up to Mary to apologize, but he still left the part about Narcisse.

As for Lola, she wanted her dowry back; but now that Lord Julien was dead and she’s a woman, the dowry was being routed to Julien’s father in Hungary. Narcisse offered to help her because he’s well known in the bank in exchange for some tea, and Lola obliged. He even taught her how to shoot an arrow, and maybe he felt the chemistry between them. He knew that Lola would do anything to get her dowry back that he pushed his luck by asking her to let him watch her as she bathes.

Lola obliged because she was playing him as well, and he did watch her bathe. After that, Narcisse told her that she will get her dowry. With both enjoyed each other’s company and great players in this kind of game, they somehow formed a pact. We wonder how this is going to work out.

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