Reign Season 3 Premiere Recap: 3 Queens, Two Tigers

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Reign Season 3 Premiere Recap: 3 Queens, Two Tigers

Did you miss the intrigue, the castle ghosts and the sexy scenes of “Reign?” The CW series has just returned and it brought in the battle of 3 queens, and two tigers that might just eat one queen… uh-oh. Having said that, the premiere of “Reign” Season 3 is titled “ 3 Queens, Two Tigers.” And I have the juiciest recap for those of you who missed it.

Everything’s going well between Mary and Francis. In fact, things are going so well that Francis is busy building a boat while Mary is busy learning new dances. Unbeknownst to Mary, Francis has a reason why he’s building a boat… and that he’s dying. Still, the two have royal duties and there’s still the on-going crisis in Scotland that they have to deal with. Alas, Lord Narcisse has news, it turns out that their Catholic allies have turned against them leaving them with no resources. Mary, on the other hand, has a solution in mind: Pirates!

Martin de Lambert, a very successful and handsome pirate came in the picture and he has the most generous gift to the queen: a tiger. He also wishes to marry Greer. Greer agrees to an engagement for the sake of Scotland and Mary told her that she only needs to keep up with it until Martin delivers. Greer is very charmed with the pirate until she learns that Martin says the same thing to the other women.

Catherine, on the other hand, set up a decoy in France while she leaves for England to feed information to Queen Elizabeth. She suggested that she destroys Mary by exposing her to the Catholics on her affair with Conde. Next, she marries Prince Charles, Francis’ brother who’s next to the throne. Elizabeth loved Catherine’s suggestions so she took her in her privy council.

Mary and Francis then received a letter from Elizabeth asking for permission to marry Prince Charles, which then implies a truce for Scotland. This made Mary happy because she’s all for peace until Francis said that they can’t have Prince Charles marry Elizabeth because that would make her Queen. Confused, Mary wondered why he doesn’t want Prince Charles to marry and then finally Francis admitted to her that he’s dying. That means Charles will soon take the throne and that will make Elizabeth Queen of France.

Upon this revelation, Francis and Mary shared a very intimate and powerful scene in the chapel. Francis also revealed that the boat he is building is all for Mary because he doesn’t want to leave Mary without protection. After that, they found out that Catherine de Medici killed herself and that’s when they figured out that she is the decoy of Catherine.

Meanwhile, Narcisse is eager to marry Lola, and it looks like Lola is going to give in anytime soon. When Elizabeth and her entire castle guard await for Mary and Prince Charles, she later on realised that she’s been tricked and while this was happening, the French have come for Catherine and Mary had her thrown in prison… with her tiger.

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