‘Reign’ Season 3 Recap: There’s No Stopping Catherine de Medici

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Reign’ Season 3 Recap: There’s No Stopping Catherine de Medici

Catherine de Medici isn’t going to stay imprisoned for too long! And that has been proven in “Reign” Season 3, Episode 3 “Extreme Measures.” The episode title really represented the whole episode as Mary went through extreme measures to save what needs to be saved.

Young Prince Charles is the worst. He thought that in order to keep the French-Scottish alliance strong is to make babies and then the Duke of Toulouse’s daughter arrived in court and all he wants is to do it with her. Since Mary has a lot on her plate, she attended to King Francis who is obviously getting worse and the English Ambassador is becoming suspicious as he hasn’t seen Francis yet.

Before Mary can address the whole Nicholas thing, she visited Catherine who was moved to the infirmary for her self-inflicted wounds. Catherine wants to see Francis but of course, Mary will not allow it. Bash has news of a guest: King Antoine. Antoine wants Conde back and he was willing to convert to Catholicism and give credit to Mary. Mary tried to negotiate with her, but he doesn’t want to talk to her and only wants to talk to Francis. So they tried to get Francis out of bed but he just couldn’t do it so he was rushed back to his chambers.


Meanwhile, Narcisse really wants to marry Lola so he proposed. And Lola said she will marry him when the right time comes. She talked to Francis and they had a heart-to-heart talk about their son. That’s when Lola decided to call off the engagement with Narcisse and focus on her son instead.

Francis was able to show up during the party held at the court and even danced with his wife. While this is happening, Prince Charles made a move for Constance and let her drink opium that was supposed to be for King Francis. Constance collapsed and almost died but thanks to Narcisse, he helped them out.

Bash alerted Mary that Antoine has been meeting with Nicholas, the English ambassador. Nicholas has offered him Queen Elizabeth’s full support if Antoine doesn’t sign away his claim to the French throne. It was even though this means goodbye to his brother, Antoine considers the offer.

Mary had no choice but to ask for Catherine’s help so she released her and Catherine did what she does best: She went to Nicholas’ chambers with an offer and a blackmail. That got them England out of the way. Francis rushed to have Antoine to sign away his claim but his ear bled. Antoine was about to run for it when Francis threatened him. Yhere’s nothing worse than a dying king who could do anything and could turn into his worst enemy. Antoine had no choice but to sign away his claim to the throne.

Mary then realised that Catherine has been right all along about the French-Scottish alliance that has really nothing to do with the French throne and everything to do with the love of Francis for her. So Mary told Francis that she can’t marry Charles and that Charles needs Catherine. Francis finally gave away his blessing for the union of Narcisse and Lola. After the wedding, Catherine left the newlyweds a threat. The episode ended with Catherine sitting happily on the King’s throne.


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