‘Reign’ Season 3 Spoilers: Queen Mary’s Mother Return and King Francis’ Death

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Reign’ Season 3 Spoilers: Queen Mary’s Mother Return and King Francis’ Death
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Reign” Season 3 has plenty of new characters to introduce to fans out there. One actress is confirmed for the Season 3 of the CW series while new characters have yet to be confirmed. Read below for some spoilers.

According to FashionnStyle, “Reign” Season 3 will see the return of Amy Brenneman and her character as Marie de Guise, Queen Mary’s mother. We last saw her in “Reign” Season 2 when she told Mary that she’s dying. Marie and Mary don’t have a good relationship. The last time we saw Marie she was more concerned over her daughter  to produce an heir rather than her daughter herself.

Mary was outraged, of course, because this was after her rape. She opened up to her mother, but her mother even had the nerve to ask her if the rape produced an heir. However, Mary learned about her mother’s illness and she turned soft. She even asked Marie to stay in France with her. However, Marie didn’t accept her invitation because she needs to go back to Scotland to secure Mary’s rule there.

Also, now that Conde is out of the picture Francis and Mary are back together but Francis may not have much time left. In history, the real Francis died young.

Laurie McCarthy executive producer of “Reign” told Entertainment Weekly about this “Reign” Season 3 update.

“Young men, even young kings, do not live forever. The real Francis died young, and while we take historical liberties, we adhere to the major signposts of Mary Queen of Scots’ life. Moreover, the foreshadowing of Francis’ eventual but untimely death has been woven into our story from outset.” McCarthy said.

New characters are said to be coming in “Reign” Season 3. Thew new additions will include a spy from Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom, a prince from Spain and Constance, a girl from the French court who will catch the eye of Francis’ brother, Charles IX of France.

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