‘Reign’ Welcomes a New Queen

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Reign’ Welcomes a New Queen
Adelaide Kane at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival/gdcgraphics, Wikimedia Commons

It looks like our Queen of France has competition when another Queen enters the picture. “Reign” Season 2 welcomes a new queen to the bunch of its royals – Queen Elizabeth.

We are all aware that in one episode of “Reign” Season 2, Queen Elizabeth sees Conde as someone fit to be her king and this signals her entry to the royals of France. So, who will be playing her?

Rachel Skarskten (“Lost”) has just landed the role of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth is described as “beautiful, devious twentysomething who is early in her rule,” as per TVLine. Fans will see her in the season finale of “Reign” Season 2. That being said and considering the fact that she’s been cast as a “regular” on the show, fans can expect more of her on Season 3 and she’s bound to shake things up for sure.

Laurie McCarthy, executive producer of the show said regarding this casting, “The character of Elizabeth, Queen of England, the only living child of Henry VIII and the murdered Anne Boleyn, looms over Mary Queen of Scots for the duration of her life… Elizabeth has also, without ever stepping onto our stafe, loomed over our first two seasons as a forceful and intriguing presence. I have been dying to introduce her to our characters and our audience. Because no single character understands Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) unique circumstances more. No character is more of a threat to her happiness and her life. Elizabeth’s debut in the season sfinale is a catalyst for events in season three, when ‘Reign’ will chronicle the lives, loves and tribulations of three queens: Mary, Catherin and now Elizabeth.”

Aside from “Lost” we’ve seen Skarksten in “Beauty and The Beast,” “The L.A. Complex” and “Flashpoint” and just recently in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Queen Elizabeth is a huge part of history in relation with France’s history and it’s about time that they add her to the roster of characters in the show. With her existence now definite, “Reign” is going to be even more interesting.

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