Remaining Tour Dates Cancelled by Lady Gaga

By admin | 6 years ago

U.S. singer Lady Gaga has cancelled her remaining tour dates due to her needing to have surgery on her right hip. Because of that, the rest of her tour Born This Way has been cancelled.

A statement provided by Live Nation, her promoter, said that Gaga has a labral tear in her right hip. The tear, said the statement, requires surgery followed by her recovery that includes strict downtime. Her condition affects the ring of her soft tissue lining that is on the outside of her hip socket.

Initially only four dates on her tour had been postponed earlier in the week. Gaga cited severe inflammation in her joints referred to as synovitis. Gaga said that she was sad and completely devastated about cancelling two performances in Chicago along with shows in Hamilton, Ontario and Detroit. Gaga has not released a statement regarding the cancellation of her entire tour.

The singer had 21 dates remaining on her current tour, including concerts in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. prior to wrapping up on March 20 in Tulsa. Starting Thursday, ticketholders can receive refunds at the point of purchase.

It is not known yet what Gaga’s surgery will mean for the album she is currently working on that is a follow up to Born This Way, which was released in 2011. A person close to the collaboration said that much work needed to be done before the album is completed.

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