Remake of ‘Gremlins’ Movie Confirmed to be On the Works

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Remake of ‘Gremlins’ Movie Confirmed to be On the Works
“Stripe” Gremlin figure, leader of the derivatives Gremlins from “Gizmo” and enemy of the latter

After months of speculation, a new report finally confirms that a remake for the movie “Gremlins” is currently worked on. And on board as the movie’s screenwriter is “Goosebumps” writer Carl Ellsworth. Read on.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros is currently working on the remake for the 1984 movie. Previously written by Christopher Columbus, the said remake is now written by Carl Ellsworth who also wrote “Goosebumps,” “Disturbia,” and the remakes for the movies “Last House On The Left” and “Red Dawn.” Ellsworth is represented by Robert Lazar and Larry Shuman of the Shuman Company.

Despite news of him directing the “Gremlins” remake, Columbus is actually on board as one of the movie’s producers alongside the original movie’s executive producer Steven Spielberg. As of now, there has been no news of the original movie’s director Joe Dante will also be up as the remake’s director.

“Gremlins” tells the story of a gadget salesman who brought home a mysterious fluffy creature called a mogwai as a present for his son. Upon naming it Gizmo, he then instructs his son of how to take care of the creature as instructed by the owner of the store where he got it from. He was told to keep it away from light and water, and never be fed after midnight. Unfortunately, all three things happen: light weakens it, water multiplies it, and feeding it after midnight turns them into ugly little monsters. Then all hell broke loose for that Christmas holiday.

According to Coming Soon, the movie made history as being one of the movies that encouraged MPAA’s PG-13 rating. And with its $11 million budget, it garnered at least $150 million in box office. However, its sequel, “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” was not able to reach up to the success its prequel had.

Though an official release date has not yet been settled on, it is believed that the ‘Gremlins’ remake is aimed to be released on theaters on Nov. 2016.

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