Remember the Time When Mike Tyson Almost Beat Up Michael Jordan? Oh Wait, That Never Happened

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Remember the Time When Mike Tyson Almost Beat Up Michael Jordan? Oh Wait, That Never Happened
Mike Tyson at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, United States.

Did you know that years ago, Mike Tyson was so close to beating up NBA star Michael Jordan? We surely didn’t! Now is the first time we’re hearing about this story. Read more about their argument here.

Reports of Mike Tyson almost beating up Michael Jordan at a dinner in 1989 have surfaced online. The source of this information is from the new book of Rory Holloway, who was Tyson’s long-time manager and friend. On his book “Taming the Beast: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson,” Holloway reveals some very detailed information about the almost brawl between the two top-notch celebrities. The reason behind the altercation was none other than Tyson’s ex-wife, actress Robin Givens.

According to Holloway, they were having dinner at a Chicago restaurant along with some big shot personalities. Among those seated at the table were Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, promoter Don King, Chicago Bears’ defensive end Richard Dent, Bears’ head coach Mike Ditka, and Holloway himself.

Tyson, who was fresh off his divorce with Givens, was apparently having a little too much on his Long Island Tea drink. According to Holloway, he was already informing the waiter to water down the Tyson’s drinks because he knew how the boxer is when his real feelings start to show.

When Tyson couldn’t control himself, he stared at Jordan and threw some allegations at him involving his ex-wife. Apart from Jordan, Tyson also threw some shade at Ditka and Dent. Luckily, Jordan avoided the brawl by leaving the dinner.

Before Givens met Tyson, she used to date the Chicago Bulls legend. Prior to the dinner, Tyson and Givens divorced with issues of spousal abuse.

Years later, Tyson lost his heavyweight crown. He was then convicted of a rape charge in 1992. With his parole, Tyson made many attempts to regain the reputation and crown that he used to have. Unfortunately, he was unable to get back his top rank status in the boxing industry.

Do you think Jordan made a wise choice by leaving that night? Or did he need to fight Tyson to clear his name?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Eduardo Merille

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