Renee Zellweger Set To Reprise Role As ‘Bridget Jones:’ First Photo Out!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Renee Zellweger Set To Reprise Role As ‘Bridget Jones:’ First Photo Out!
Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is going to reprise her role as Bridget Jones again, and fans are already excited about the new movie. The new film has the working title, “Bridget Jones’s Baby” and the filming has already begun.

Recent reports about Zellweger, looking extremely different from her old self, have turned out to be false. She looked a lot older in her recent photographs and fans were worried that she might not want to do Bridget Jones sequels because she would look so different.

There were even rumors of her getting plastic surgery. But all that is in the past. Zellweger is not only looking healthy and happy again, she is looking a lot like the old Bridget again. And so the third movie is chugging on towards shooting and subsequent display.

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If the response for the new photo from the movie is anything to go by, the fans will welcome the new movie with open arms. The photo shows Zellweger hugging her Ipad and smiling at the camera in a very plumpy but cute way. Isn’t that just the cutesy-pie, gainly thing to do for Bridget?

We are kind of hoping that Bridget will bung it up again, and we kind of hope that she finds some silly things to say about the Ipad too. Are we looking at a movie about an internet romance? We hope so. That would be delightful. Although the name does point to the fact that Bridget Jones will be getting pregnant in this movie.

We think that that kind of situation can lead to awesome hilarious moments too. Although, the press hasn’t yet released any spoilers, it is fun to imagine what the third movie would be like. We are hoping that this time they come up with something even more hilarious than the underwear scene from the first movie.

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The film is due in 2016. The release date has been set for 16th September.

The Mirror reported the news first.

Photo Source: Twitter / Universal Pictures UK

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