Renewal Of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3? Kathryn Dennis’ Pregnancy Rumor, Patricia Altschul To Sell Jenkins Mikell House?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Renewal Of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3? Kathryn Dennis’ Pregnancy Rumor, Patricia Altschul To Sell Jenkins Mikell House?

After plenty of rumors shook the fans of “Southern Charm” for its probable cancellation that mainly came forward due to the ongoing feud between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, (including Ravenel’s alleged secret proposal to a model for a role in the series in return for a three nights stay) finally we have come to know that the production for “Southern Charm” season 3 has been kicked off. Read below to know more in details about the filming of TV shows including Dennis’ surprising tweets.

There was no update or confirmation from the house of Bravo on the Labor Day that fans must have waited for some news on “Southern Charm,” but Lalate News echoed that the reality TV series is once again filming for season 3. The matter became more clear from the posting of cryptic tweets by Dennis and Patricia Altschul concerning the show’s new season. Now the question is who is returning in “Southern Charm” season 3 – Dennis with her big news or Altschul’s decision to sell historic Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Charleston, South Carolina that she had purchased by spending $4.8 million?

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The outlet confirmed that Dennis is pregnant again, but marked a question to his new unnamed boyfriend. She has recently tweeted (@kathryn_dennis) “Today feels like a good day to unveil some news. Stay tuned ;)” It seems she will update soon.

The outlet also confirmed that Altschul is determined to sell her mid-19th century built Greek Revival residence. This was very often showcased on the first two seasons of “Southern Charm.”

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Despite Ravenel’s quote “It’s over,” Inquisitr reported that “Southern Charm” is back for its third season. This is also confirmed by a recent tweet posted by Jennifer E Snowden. She tweeted (@jsnowden1) – #SouthernCharm is baaaackk

Whitney Sudler Smith, Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks including 74-year old Altschul also confirmed that are certainly coming back for the third back.

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