Report on Armstrong has 26 witnesses and 200 pages

By admin | 6 years ago

The latest report against Lance Armstrong contains the most detailed and unflinching portrayal to date of how he would go to nearly any price emotionally, financially and physically to win the Tour de France. The U.S. anti-doping agency has called for all seven titles in the Tour de France to be yanked for the grasp of the Texan.

The new report contains material that was compiled from books, computer records, media reports, maybe the most significant from the people Armstrong once trained with, raced with, and most of all celebrated with. Those were the people he once call his closest friends.

The agency released the telling report that listed 26 witnesses of which 11 of them were Armstrong’s former teammates. Armstrong told the public he wanted the hard evidence to be revealed that the agency had. He was given that as well; in the 200 pages that the agency released. The pages recalled the hotel rooms that riders converted into centers for blood transfusions and the way that the former wife of Armstrong rolled cortisone pills in aluminum foil and gave them to different riders.

On Wednesday, the report in full was released and depicts what Travis Tygart the head of the USADA called the most professionalized, sophisticated and successful program for doping that cycling has ever known of.

The report was called a hatchet job by Armstrong’s attorney. Regardless of what it actually is, it contains the most detailed account of Armstrong to date.

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