A Reporter Lets Her Hair Down: 5SOS Find an Unlikely Fan In Samanth Armytage!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
A Reporter Lets Her Hair Down: 5SOS Find an Unlikely Fan In Samanth Armytage!

Sometimes the news reporter becomes the news. 38-year-old Samantha Armytage, who is a respectable Channel Seven presenter from Australia, was surprised to know that the drummer from teenage heartthrob group 5SOS liked her jacket. And the cherry on the icing, he tried to smell it when she was covering the concert for her news channel. Oh boy! Can it get any sweeter? Read on for more details.

Armytage, who co-hosts “Sunrise” on Channel Seven, was blushing with joy recently when the Australian drum banger Ashton Irwin surprised her with his positive attention.

When she was interviewing him, she looked somewhat taken by the moment. Moments later, Irwin surprised her with an almost comical lean in to smell her jacket. The lady blushed visibly knowing full well that the moment was caught on camera. It’s not like she was looking to look like a fan girl; she is a 38 year old respectable reporter. But we can bet our bottom dollar that the lady was thrilled to get the little man’s attention.

Irwin then asked the surprised Armytage to join him for a pose for his selfie. Needless to say, Armytage was delighted that she was asked. We bet that she probably asked him to give her a signed copy of the selfie too.

Armytage was covering the 5 Seconds of Summer concert live from Melbourne’s Federation Square with co-host David Koch when the incident happened. There was much speculation about Armytage rocking skin-tight leather trousers and a khaki jacket to look like someone a lot younger. There was also talk of Armytage acting like a fan girl around Ashton Irwin. Don’t worry, Samatha! We’re looking the other way. Even grown-ups like to have fun sometimes.

Daily Mail reported the news first.

Photo Source: Facebook / 5SOS

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