Reports says Auburn Committed NCAA Infractions

By admin | 5 years ago

Mike McNeil, a former safety at Auburn University, is scheduled to go on trial this coming week for armed robbery. He alleges that the football program at Auburn committed numerous violations of NCAA rules including recruiting violations, cash payments to its players and academic fraud.

The report has a detailed listed of the alleged wrongdoing and includes interviews held with McNeil as well as interviews with Darvin Adams a former wide receiver, Mike Blanc a former Auburn defensive end and Antoine Carter a former Tigers’ defensive end.

In the report, McNeil says he was given $400 by Will Muschamp, the former defensive coordinator at Auburn, who is now the Florida head coach. Muschamp has denied McNeil’s allegations said officials at Florida.

McNeil also claims he had a grade changed to a C that was originally an F. He said that players were given money in excess of what the NCAA rules permit to spend on recruits that were visiting. Adams said he was offered financial incentives so he would remain for his senior season. McNeil has claimed that he received $500 from coaches at Auburn to entertain Dre Kirkpatrick the former cornerback at Alabama.

McNeil also claims that up to nine players were told they could not participate in the national championship game in 2010 due to being ineligible academically, but all of them ended up playing.

The athletic department at Auburn declined to make any comment on the claims of the players in the report.

Blanc, when reached for his comments, said he was unaware of cash payments to any players. Carter was also reached for comment and refused to make one on any of the quotes he is alleged to have made in the recently released report.

The report is authored by Selena Roberts, the CEO and founder of and a former columnist at the New York Times and a Sports Illustrated senior writer. Roberts graduated from Auburn and defended the report when asked about comments made by Blanc that the report was false.

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