Republican Invites Ted Nugent to Obama’s State of the Union Address

By admin | 6 years ago

As he had previously promised, Ted Nugent the rocker, gun enthusiast and Second Amendment supporter behaved himself at the State of the Union Address of President Barack Obama on Tuesday in front of Congress, family, friends and dignitaries. Nevertheless, following the President’s address, Nugent offered some of his very colourful criticism of the president and his policies.

For many it was odd seeing the opinionated Nugent on hand at the Capitol listening to an Obama speech, because he had made comments last year against the president that were threatening enough to warrant a Secret Service investigation.

Nevertheless, he was present sitting very quiet in the visitor’s gallery in the House chamber’s upper level. He came as a guest of Republican Steve Stockman, a conservative Congressman.

The gun advocate, who has been controversial with his comments, was one of many guests lawmakers invited, including over two dozen gun violence victims.

Following Obama’s speech of one hour, Nugent included the f-word in his comments. He was alongside lawmakers that had gathered in Statuary Hall as part of tradition to offer their reactions to reporters on the president’s address.

When asked about the president’s speech, Nugent gave a slow yawn before his critique. He said, does kiss my ass bring back any memories. He sarcastically said he was excited the president would bring world peace and save our children. He also was sarcastic with his remark about how Obama was going to stop global warming.

Nugent said it pained him to hear the comments Obama made about gun control. He said the president was attempting to make an overt infringement on the Second Amendment rights of Americans to bear arms.

When he was introduced to a Voice of America reporter, the aging rocker interrupted and said Sorry, I am the f – ing voice of America.

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