Republicans Discuss Party’s Future Path

By admin | 6 years ago

On Sunday, Republicans sparred over the party’s future, discussing what they needed to change and or keep in the formula in order to have more success in coming years at the ballot box.

Jon Huntsman Utah Governor and former U.S. Ambassador said his party’s message about economics is sound, but he also said his party needed to do better at reaching out to minority voters and moving away from social issues.

Huntsman said that he has been married 30 years and has seven children so people can see how he lives his life. He said he has no need to rub that into other people’s faces.

He said the nation wants to find ways for solutions. Now it is not about the left or the right, continued Huntsman, but about solutions to the many problems that are becoming harder and harder to solve, as Congress does not seem to be able to work together.

Carlos Gutierrez is a former Commerce Secretary and advised former Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney on outreach to Hispanics. He said that Republicans must move away from legislation that would make the official language in the U.S. English and other legislation that scares and upsets Hispanic voters.

Gutierrez said the party is one of prosperity and growth and that is where things like immigration come into play. He continued by saying the party needed to be one of immigration and should be the ones that lead the push for comprehensive immigration reform. Gutierrez warned that Republicans were scaring the Hispanic voters and that they are more and more an important voting bloc that needs to be courted.

However, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington said she did not think the Republicans had to be moderate, insisting it was communication and not policy that had to be adjusted. She believes the vision and values of the party have to be taken to every corner of the country regardless of demographics.

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