Republicans in Congress Criticized by President Obama

By admin | 6 years ago

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign was given a boost on Friday thanks to the latest Department of Labor jobs report. Obama after getting the good news told supporters that the country was headed in the right direction, but Republicans in Washington were stopping the country from additional growth and must do something that will help the country’s middle class get ahead.

While giving his weekly radio address on Saturday, Obama said that when he entered the White House in January of 2009 over 800,000 people were losing their jobs each month. However, he says that companies over the last 30 months have added over 5.2 million jobs. Friday’s jobs report showed that unemployment had dropped to below 8% and was now at the lowest point since Obama became the president.

Nevertheless, Obama said a huge number of Americans were still struggling to pay their bills and to find work. He said the rest of the country owed it to those individuals to continue their advances so the unemployed could eventually find work. Obama stressed that a great deal has been done and it is not worth going back to the policies that ultimately took the country into the financial mess it finally recovered from.

The president lauded his White House administration’s work at making sure the country never returns to the crisis it just faced. However, Obama said that many of the Republicans in Congress have done everything possible to delay, defund and try to dismantle the new rules he has put in place.

He said that Washington’s Republicans must stop the battles that have gone on for the past two years and start helping the country to move forward. He urged all of Congress to help the middle class by extending the tax cuts and by passing the housing refinance plan.


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