Republicans Officially Nominate Former Governor Romney

By admin | 6 years ago

After a one-day delay to let Tropical Storm Isaac pass through, the Republican National Convention has now throttled up to a full scale roar. Delegates are cheering loudly each time the party’s official nominee Mitt Romney’s name is mentioned in the many speeches taking place in Tampa.

Romney’s wife portrayed her husband as a father and husband. She was joined by a number of speakers who bashed President Barack Obama as the Republicans take a hold of the moment after days of worrying about a hurricane roaring ashore in New Orleans.

The keynote speaker for the convention, Chris Christie the governor of New Jersey made a broad indictment of Democrats by saying they were disciples of politics from yesterday who whistle as they work while leading the country off a dangerously fiscal cliff.

Christie said absentee leadership at the White House had to be ended and real leaders were needed in the White House. Christie said the hard truths would be told by Romney in order to lead the country back to a path of growth with good paying opportunities in the private sector workplace.

Romney debuted at the convention two days prior to his own acceptance speech. He roused the crowd into loud cheers when he joined his wife on stage to share a kiss following her speech. Her speech in prime time was to reach out to all the female voters. She told the convention delegates and everyone watching on television that her husband would not let the women down if he were elected president.

She spoke of how hard it is for working families and how women in a working family have to work just a bit harder than the rest. Her mission on the night was a clear one – win over the women.

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