Republicans Still without Good News in California

By admin | 6 years ago

For many years, the Republican Party has said its message is not the problem in California. They have blamed the messengers – nominees that are not rhetorically good enough or not sufficiently telegencial. Other years they blamed it on the Californian’s own ears, who party leaders said heard something other than what Republicans meant to have said.

The truth is that it is all that and more. The Republican message or messenger, heard correctly or incorrectly is the real problem, say analysts.

Since 1992, the year Bill Clinton won the presidential contest in the state along with the two U.S. Senate wins for Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein a new era for Democratic dominance was ushered in, and the numbers for Republicans have been brutal ever since.

Since then, eight elections for the Senate and the Democrats have won all eight. Five presidential elections, five democratic wins. Six contests for Governor, three wins for the Democrats. Since that time, the tally has the Republicans up 16-3. Regardless of whom you are Democratic or Republican, no one really feels the outcome in this year’s election for the presidency or senate races will be any different.

Californians turned the 2010 Republican groundswell back because of quirks in demographics such as Hispanics, independents and women. Because of this, President Obama has been able to withstand his fall from grace nationally, as numbers in California look to approach his impressive landslide win from 2008.

Republican lawmakers in the state have found themselves at odds with their own voters; due to backing tax cuts among those who have favored a balance between cuts as well as hikes; opposing the right of abortion where voters favor it; and demanding inflexible measures with illegal immigrants.

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