Resentment as BAFTA Fails to Remember Bob Hoskins and Rik Mayall [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Resentment as BAFTA Fails to Remember Bob Hoskins and Rik Mayall  [WATCH VIDEO]

Every year during the BAFTA ceremony guests pause to remember their contemporaries who have passed since the last awards. However, two big names were missing from the heart-rending tribute as BAFTA failed to recognize Bob Hoskins and Rik Mayall. Read on for further details of this story.

Robin Williams, Lord Richard Attenborough and Lauren Bacall were all remembered in the montage, yet comedian Mayall and actor Hoskins were nowhere to be seen.  Hoskins won a BAFTA in 1986 but did not feature in a montage of film stars who have passed away in the last year. Organisers of Sunday’s BAFTA awards have been condemned for disremembering to mention in their ‘In Memoriam’ feature the award-winning actor Bob Hoskins and Rik Mayall who died in 2014.

“Due to the timing of his death in April last year, and the fact that his credits included television as well as film (he was BAFTA-nominated for Pennies from Heaven in 1979), Bob Hoskins was included in the televised obituaries package at the British Academy Television Awards last year. BAFTA features individuals in televised obituaries only once, sadly due to the number of people we’d like to recognise at any one time, and that means difficult decisions have to be made as to in which ceremony they should be included,” a representative  for the BAFTAs explained to the Daily Express Online, as posted by Mirror U.K.

Viewers took to Twitter to express the resentment.

“How on earth did #BAFTA miss Bob Hoskins and Rik Mayall off the RIP segment?,” tweeted Lisa Gifford.

“@Pamisab Disgraceful that Bob Hoskins was totally snubbed. Then again, he didn’t go to Eton or Harrow.” tweeted Ruth Darby.

“@JasonMaza: A shameful and tragic error Bafta given no mention of Bob Hoskins,” totally agree on mate. And the legendary Rik Mayall,” shared Ronnie Thompson

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