‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ To Be The Last Movie Of The ‘Resident Evil’ Series

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ To Be The Last Movie Of The ‘Resident Evil’ Series
The last part of the Resident Evil series titled ‘Resident Evil: The final chapter’ is set to release next year with production already started in Cape Town, South Africa.

Unfortunately, for the famous Zombie Apocalypse science-fiction movie series “Resident Evil” fans, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” will be the last movie. The movie is set to release next year.  It will be filmed in 3D and there are rumors that there’ll be another part to this series. However, the cast and crew refuse to comment on this.

It hasn’t been revealed yet as to when the movie will release, but there are rumors circling around which say that the movie will probably be released in September, 2016. Nearly all Resident Evil movies have done extremely well if released in September, that’s why Sony plans on releasing it in September alone, reports Masterherald.

There are rumors persisting around about “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” not being the last movie. This is happening for a number of reasons. Firstly, the movie is set to be of two hours and that does not do justice to Alice’s character. Secondly, the name of the movie is tentative and is subject to change. But this may not happen and this movie might just be the last of the popular zombie apocalypse saga. Sony and IMDb have stated that this movie will definitely be the last and there is no room for something more after this.

The movie was supposed to be released in September 2015 but Mila Jovovich and her husband were expecting a baby. Jovovich delivered a daughter and both Jovovich and Anderson have now yet started the movie production. Anderson, who is a well-known science fiction director and ‘The Fifth Element’ actress, tied the knot in August 2009, having their first daughter in 2007 and the second daughter in 2014.

The 39 years old Ukrainian actress shared a picture of her on Instagram related to Resident Evil, thus strengthening reports about the movie’s release next year, reports Ew.com. Shooting has begun in Cape Town, South Africa and sadly, for die-hard fans, this might be the last movie of the series.

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