‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson Unveils The Extents Of Dreadful Injuries

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson Unveils The Extents Of Dreadful Injuries
Olivia Jackson

Olivia Jackson, the British stuntwoman from “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” who almost expired on the film set got admitted in induced coma, has now unveiled the expanse of her dreadful injuries. Find out in details.

Precisely a month back we reported, Jackson, Milla Jovovich’s stunt double, who has previously performed on movies counting “Star Wars,” smashed into a camera crane which malfunctioned while shooting a scene on a motorcycle from the forthcoming “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” set in South Africa.

The accident left the Jackson from Amersham, in induced coma; nevertheless she is now out of coma and has shared a compact statement about the dreadful injuries she underwent.


As reported by LifeIsSavage, Jackson took to her Facebook  to thank people for their prayers on her speedy recovery and gave a detail account of her injuries calling it wasn’t her “funnest day on set”

She revealed, “2 weeks in a coma, brain bleed, brain swelling, severed main artery in the neck, crushed & degloved face, several broken ribs, paralyzed arm, shattered scapula, broken clavicle, broken humerus, broken radius & ulna, with an open wound and a 7.5 piece of bone missing, amputated thumb, torn fingers, 5 nerves torn out of the spinal cord…”

In her post she also thanked her husband David Grant, also a stuntman, and also her mother Maureen Jackson for their support in her difficult time, whilst she also wrote “Long road ahead to recovery.”

Meanwhile, Milla Jovovich also called for support and prayers for her stunt double Olivia Jackson recovery on her Facebook post.

Succeeding the terrible accident at the “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” on Johannesburg set, source close to the movie recount the event ‘freak accident’ – reports Evening Standard.

The source disclosed that the stunt was not too menacing. She rode a motorcycle along a linear line but as per the scene requirement she didn’t have any precautionary helmet or gear, however, the camera crane carrying the camera malfunctioned and couldn’t be lifted up, hence, she lost complete control.

Furthermore, the source described Olivia Jackson as a beautiful woman and the most benevolent soul we will ever come across.

Photo Source: Facebook/Olivia Jackson

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