‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’s’ Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson Is Fighting For Life After A Film-Set Crash In Johannesburg

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’s’ Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson Is Fighting For Life After A Film-Set Crash In Johannesburg
Olivia Jackson

Olivia Jackson, a British stuntwoman, who performed as a stunt in the movie “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” is now fighting for her life in the hospital. She was said to have multiple injuries on the film set while filming a high-speed motorbike chase. An investigation has been kicked off as she was not wearing helmet or any type of protective gear due to the requirement of the scene.

The Guardian has confirmed that the 32-year-old stuntwoman had not only suffered intense head injuries in absence of any protection, she had one of her lungs punctured after colliding with a metal camera arm. The incident happened on Saturday when she was filming for the movie “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” in South Africa’s Johannesburg.

Since Saturday, Jackson has been in an induced coma, however, some news have surfaced that the doctors are noticing a gradual progress and she is said to have been stable. Much information is yet to be received, but we have come to know that David Grant, her husband, halted his ongoing filming in Malta and flew to South Africa once he was informed to be by her side. In his Facebook post, he called his wife an inspiration for him.

“She’s fighting hard and the team of people working on Olive have been amazing and have been doing some incredible work. Thanks again to everybody! I whisper to her everyday telling her about the support she’s getting world wide!” Grant, who is also a stuntman, posted.

A source informed The Sun that the stunt was very dangerous and she was actually riding a motorbike at a high speed in a straight line. A metal arm was there, which carried the camera along, failed to function and did not lift up. Then the situation went out of her control and she crashed into the camera equipment.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Olivia Jackson

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