‘Resident Evil’ Inspired TV Show in the Works [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Resident Evil’ Inspired TV Show in the Works [WATCH VIDEO]
Resident Evil (2002)/May 24, 2011/Wikimedia Commons/MrBeach83

“Resident Evil” started as a Playstation game and almost everyone got hooked. Ever since its first release in the game world, it quickly got popular until movie franchises were made. Now, its popularity has not dwindled because it will be again revived but this time around, it will inspire an upcoming TV show, which might be released in 2015. Read on for more details.

“Arklay,” a “Resident Evil” inspired TV show is in the works and is set to air next year.  The show is based in the area of “Resident Evil” and it follows the detective James Reinhardt who is the person tasked to unravel the mysterious deaths that are happening in Raccoon City. Through the whole investigation process, James Reinhardt started to unravel a very dark conspiracy leading him to learn about the fatal virus that has been spreading in the city. He learns that he already has it, and this made the clock tick even faster as he needs to save his own life.

Since the show is set in Raccoon City, it is not impossible that we will see zombie infestations and we are not disregarding the fact that guest cameos from our favorite “Resident Evil” characters such as Jill Valentine will appear at least once in the show.

The concept of the show is drama and horror.. “Arklay” is still in its early stage of development and that means that there is no hint of cast members, network and its exact release date yet. What we have is the pitch that Shawn Cristopher Leber made. The show will come from Mance Media.

“I am indeed in the midst of writing project ‘Arklay’. We’re in early stages of said development. I’m currently in negotiations with Mance Media. I cannot reveal anymore story at this time,” Leber said in a video interview that we also shared below.

What do you think of this upcoming TV series? Have you always been a fan of “Resident Evil?” Are you excited for this show? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/MrBeach83


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