Resident Evil: Retribution Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Resident Evil: Retribution ReviewResident Evil: Retribution is the fifth movie of the Resident Evil franchise that is based on an undead-action video game. The first Resident Evil movie and Resident Evil: Afterlife are the best movies of the series. As for the latest one, it gives the audience more headache than enjoyment.

Resident Evil: Retribution feels like a video game than the first movie. It starts with Alice (Milla Jovovich) spending the first ten minutes recapping the previous movie. Scenes from the earlier movies float around her. It shows how Alice becomes the threat to the Umbrella Corporation.

Most of the dialogue in Resident Evil: Retribution is lazy. Alice wakes up to find herself in an Umbrella Corporation training center where she has to shoot down zombies and find friends. It takes her to various simulated settings, such as Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, and Suburbia.

Then Alice defeats the Red Queen and reunites with rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory). After which comes a series of zombie shootings, group bickering, and slow motion kicks. The final battle has them face a giant monster with an exposed brain.

The lovely Milla Jovovich is a sight for sore eyes her performance in Resident Evil: Retribution is uninspired. Much of the blame can be given to her husband, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson, who has made an unexciting world for Alice and her friend. There’s not much for the characters to do except shoot zombies.

At the ending of Resident Evil: Retribution, it set ups for another sequel with the line “the beginning of the end.” Hopefully, the next movie will be more coherent than this one. Resident Evil: Retribution feels like a two hour long game cut scene. The action scenes are well made and the special effects are first class. But the plot is not compelling enough to make the casual viewer to enjoy it.

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