Ressurection Recap: Echoes

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Ressurection Recap: Echoes
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“Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 2 “Echoes” aired on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps), now working for the government, discovered a new Returned. However, unlike the previous Returned who came back healthy, this one came in really sick. Meanwhile, Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher) struggled to understand Jacob (Landon Gimenez), while Margaret met her granddaughter, Maggie (Devin Kelley), for the first time. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), who was playing out in the yard. To his surprise, a dead crow fell from the sky. When he tried to prod it, he discovered that it was truly dead. His grandmother, Margaret (Michelle Fairley), another Returned, called him to help her wipe some furniture on the porch. As they talked, she discovered, much to her surprise, that the family factory had been closed for a very long time already. At her son Fred’s (Matt Craven) house, Fred got rid of all the bottles of alcohol in his house and finally moved on from his wife, Barbara, as he placed his wedding ring on a table before heading out to go to work.

Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps), who had just returned from Chicago, sat staring into space, and recalled the moment that he had died. However, his thoughts were interrupted when Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) knocked on his car window. He then informed her that he would not be staying anymore at her place but will find a new place to stay, as he was reassigned to stay in Arcadia to take care of the Returned that were there. Afterwards, the mysterious government woman called him to tell him that Sheriff Fred Langston had been briefed about the situation and that he would provide Marty with the resources and support that he needed. However, he soon discovered that his resources and support was a supply closet, converted into a very small office.

However, Marty did not have the chance to settle into his new office as the deputies informed Fred that a man had been living in Caleb Richards’ old hunting shack. When they got there, they could not find any trace of the man. Because of this, they assigned someone to watch the shack from a treehouse nearby. Fred then decided to inform Elaine Richards (Samaire Armstrong) that her father might be back again, but she told him that she knew that it was not him.

At Henry Langston’s (Kurtwood Smith) house, his mother, Margaret asked about the factory. He then told her that when he was grieving for Jacob, he had given up managing it and turned it over to someone else. He had always meant to get back to it, but it had never happened. He then convinced her to have a check up with Maggie so that she could also get to meet her granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Rachael, who was living at Pastor Tom Hale’s (Mark Hildreth)  house, decided to find her own  place as the house was full of Tom’s wifes’, Janine, things. However, Tom told her that she should stay as it was the safest for her and so that no harm would come to the baby. A little later on, Tom’s wife, Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) visited him at his church. However, to her surprise, he informed her that he had resigned as he needed some time to figure out some things. Janine then informed him that she was going to collect her things at their house and asked that Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) not be present when she got them.

Later on, when she did get her things, she decided to enter Rachael’s room. While there, she found the ultrasound picture of Rachael and Tom’s baby, and she broke down. However, a friend of hers advised her not to give up yet on their marriage.

Later that night, Rachael had a nightmare — that she was in a room full of fire and smoke, and she knew that she was also going to burn. Tom held her in his arms, but when she tried to snuggle up to him, he did not respond, which left Rachael puzzled. After a while, Janine came to Tom, and the two kissed and made up. The next morning, a conflicted Rachaeal saw Janine bringing two coffee cups inside Tom’s room. Janine greeted her nicely, but Rachaeal, now very confused, did not reply.

At the Langston house, Jacob set about to bury the dead crow that had fallen near him. However, he was interrupted by Marty, who had just met his grandmother. Before Marty set off to the yard to find Jacob, Margaret, surprisingly, told him that he seemed familiar to her, which was strange because they couldn’t have met before.

Marty then asked Jacob if he could sense if anyone else had come back, as he was still focused on finding out if Caleb had indeed returned. However, Jacob said that the only person that he had sensed returning was his grandmother.

Later that day, Henry went to Margaret to see Maggie and to get herself checked up. The two had an emotional reunion, as Maggie had only seen Margaret in pictures. After the check up, Maggie revealed that just like the other Returned, Margaret was fully healthy, and her tumors and cancer were gone.

In the woods, Marty decided to replace on of the deputies who was staking out Caleb’s hunting shack. While there, because he saw bullet casings on the floor, he recalled his recent death and rubbed his heart as if it was painful. However, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard coughing coming from the woods, going towards the hunting shack. Drawing his weapon, as Caleb was a dangerous man, he called out Caleb’s name, but to his surprise, another man opened the door, coughing and sick, and asked Marty to help him. His name was Arthur Holmes, and he had died in 1935.

Meanwhile, in Jacob removed the box he had buried the crow in from the dirt and opened it, expecting see that it had disappeared. However, the crow was still inside the box.

Marty then brought him to Maggie’s clinic, where Margaret had a passing glimpse of the new Returned. Maggie found it strange that Arthur had come back sick, as all of the Returned in Arcadia, including her grandmother, had come back fully healed from whatever sickness they had when they died.

As Margaret and Henry left the clinic, Margaret demanded that she see the old factory. She got the shock of her life when she saw that the building was in ruins. In a fit of anger, became mad at Henry for letting it fall into ruin. However, Henry tried to reason that he tried the best as he could, as there was a point in time in which he was grieving — first for her, then for Jacob and then Barbara — one after the other. Composing herself, she apologized and revealed to him that since so much has changed in their world while she was gone, she was looking for something that she could hold on to.

At the Langston house, Lucille was shocked to see Jacob stuffing a shoebox with a dead crow in it with newspapers. She was horrified at the thought that Jacob might have killed the dead crow. After a while, Henry comforted Lucille who revealed that sometimes she did find it difficult to take care of Jacob; while Margaret comforted Jacob and reassured him that his mother loves him very much. She then told him that only the two of them could really truly understand each other as they were both Returned. A little later on, Margaret accompanied her grandson as he burned the dead crow so that it could rest in peace.

Later that night, Arthur awoke in the clinic, with Marty at his bedside. Marty learned that Arthur had died in a fire and that he does not have hallucinations neither did he experience the sensations that he had experienced when he had died. He was very much upset at returning, as he was sick, and because his family was not alive anymore, which made life meaningless.

Afterwards, Marty paid Maggie a visit to her office and begged her not to admit Arthur to the hospital no matter what so that he wouldn’t be taken away. Marty then revealed that the real reason why he was back at Arcadia was because he was working for the government. He was to report about the Returned that came back to the government. Maggie took this information well but warned him that he might regret it someday, as they might one day ask him to do something that he would not like to do.

The next morning, Margaret came by the clinic, asking to see Arthur. She had remembered him, as he used to work for the factory a long time ago, during Maggie’s great great grandfather’s time. She reasoned that as he was scared and confused, it might be good for him to see someone else from the olden times.

Later that day, Marty and Maggie were surprised to learn that Arthur had disappeared, along with his samples, just like Caleb had suddenly disappeared along with his blood samples. Marty then suspected that the government had something to do with his disappearance and hurriedly called the mysterious government woman, who was surprised that one of the Returned in Arcadia had gone missing. She then told him to make it his priority to find the missing man.

That evening, Marty paid Jacob a visit, who revealed that he knew that Marty was one of the Returned. However, Marty got Jacob to promise him not to tell anyone yet as he was not ready for people to know that he was Returned.

Later that evening, Margaret went alone to the factory and pried open a piece of the old flooring from the floor. To her horror, she saw several skeletons all heaped up together on some straw.

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