Ressurection Recap: Forsaken

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Ressurection Recap: Forsaken
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Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 8 “Forsaken “ aired last Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, after Doctor Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) realized that the key to creating a cure for the virus, which has now affected a non-Returned member of Arcadia. She persuaded Rachael Braidwood (Kathleen Munroe) to undergo a small procedure. Her baby might have been the deciding factor that quickly cured her. However, Janine Hale (Lori Beth Sikes) did not respond to this well and became too overprotective, so much that it alarmed her husband, Pastor Tom Hale (Mark Hildreth). Meanwhile, ICE Agent Marty Bellamy’s (Omar Epps) secret was revealed. It was after he and Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) investigated who had painted the red crosses on the doors that caused anti-Returned sentiment to escalate. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher) cleaning out the red upside down cross on their door. Meanwhile, at Pastor Tom Hale’s (Mark Hildreth) church, a woman whose elderly father in law was Returned, brought him to his church. It seems that he could not risk him staying anymore with her and her family.

At the hospital, Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) informed her best friend, Elaine Richards (Samaire Armstrong), that her brother, Ray (Travis Young), a non-Returned member of Arcadia who had contracted the virus, was getting worse.

Around town, ICE Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) tried asking the local café owner for a little bit of help in making sure that those things don’t happen again. His aunt was returned but didn’t get anything to show for it  especially as his security camera was not working.

At Henry Langston’s (Kurtwood Smith) house, his mother, Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley) asked her grandson Jacob (Landon Gimenez) for help as she looked through old photographs. While she did so, he became fascinated with his father’s name plaque, which would be his someday. Margaret then was able to find the picture she was looking for — a photograph of one of the old factory workers, a man named William Kirk (T.J. Linnard), who was Brian Addison’s (Kyle Secor) grandfather and whom she had recognized was in the big Langston Factory fire when she was a little girl. Because of this, she realized that he might have Returned. He went over to Brian Addison’s house in order to tell him to “kill the deal” he had with Henry. He was going to invest in the rebirth of the Langston Furniture Factory. She also told him to “stay away” from them. She knew that he might just have plans to get revenge on them due to the fact that his grandfather had died in that fire.

Back at Tom’s church, Tom told Marty that it might be a good idea for him to reveal that he was returned. The other people who are Returned who were being left at his church would gain courage. The woman who had deposited her father-in-law came in to give him some food and clothes. After talking to her, Marty realized that more and more people. The relatives of the Returned may sooner or later not want to have anything to do with the Returned because of the anti-Returned sentiment that had escalated. It was due to the painted crosses on the doors of the families of who had Returned relatives and because of the fact that the Returned virus had affected Ray.

Because of this, Marty went to Fred to tell him that the anti-Returned sentiment in town might escalate into something more, just like those men who had been killed in the Langston Furniture Factory years ago. Even if they were not sure about the exact details about the fire, what they did know was that some of those men who were Returned had been murdered over and over again. Fred then told him that there was a group called The True Living of Arcadia. He decided to go and learn more about it. Before he left, he told Marty to relax and to drink some tea as it seemed like he was a stress tornado.

At the county clinic, Maggie was surprised when Lucille came in with a picnic basket full of food. Lucille tried to apologize for the awful way she had treated Maggie’s mother, Barbara (April Billingsley) at their family dinner, but Maggie was not able to treat her politely. After Lucille had left, Maggie was able to create a working theory on why Rachael Braidwood (Kathleen Munroe) had recovered so quickly. It was after she stared at a model of a baby fetus in a uterus.

She then called Rachael and Tom to the clinic and told them her theory. The baby’s stem cells were probably the reason that Rachael had recovered fast. Also, the baby’s amniotic fluids might be the key to discovering a cure for the virus. Because of this, she wanted to perform a very small procedure in order to get some of the amniotic fluid so that she could try to create a cure for the others. Rachael readily agreed as it would help others. Because of this, Tom and Rachael held hands, which was then seen by Tom’s wife, Janine (Lori Beth Sikes).

At the hospital, Elaine became annoyed at the vending machine which would not give her snack. She vented out her frustrations to Fred, who had arrived to give her a sandwich and some coffee. Elaine felt frustrated because she always took care of her younger brother. She could not help or understand how he had gotten sick as he avoided the Returned at all costs. Fred then asked Elaine about the True Living of Arcadia,  as he knew that they often met up at Twain’s, where she worked.

At Henry’s house, Henry corrected Jacob on the perspective of his roof. After Jacob left to get some colored pencils, Henry told his mother, Margaret, that Jacob had not been able to see the cross. Lucille had cleaned it up before Jacob had woken up. He then received a surprising call from the bank, who told him that Brian Addison had pulled out of their deal. Margaret then told Henry not to approach Brian again.

At the city hospital, Tom held Rachael’s hand while she underwent the procedure. On the way back home, they discussed baby names, and Rachael decided to settle on the name Nathaniel. Tom was then amused at the fact that Rachael had decided to buy a fluffy stuffed doll from the hospital’s gift shop. As the baby started to kick all of a sudden, Rachael took Tom’s hand and placed it on top of her belly so that he could feel it. After a moment in which they looked at each other lovingly, Tom removed his hand and concentrated on driving back home.  

After Rachael’s procedure in front of Elaine and Bellamy, Maggie went inside Ray’s room in order to inject him with the amniotic fluid that she had collected from Rachael. Before she did so, Ray told her that he did not want to Return, and if he did, he told Maggie to tell Elaine not to trust him. Later, she learned from Marty that he had not yet been able to receive any word from his government contacts. It was a little bit alarming given the fact that their ampules of medicine were running out.

While waiting for Tom and Rachael to come home, Janine, who was greatly troubled about the procedure, furiously wrote in her journal. When they arrived, they told her that everything had gone well and that Rachael was just told to rest for twenty-four hours. After Rachael had gone inside her room, Janine told Tom that Maggie had no right to do the procedure. She said that she had only suggested it as Ray, Maggie’s best friend’s brother was sick. However, Tom tried to pacify her and told her that no damage had come to the baby, and to do as she had suggested before, to put their faith in God. Afterward, he told her that he had to get back to church.

At Henry’s workshop, Henry was surprised when Jacob showed him a design that he had made for their revitalized furniture factory. Because of this, he hugged him and realized that despite what Margaret said, he had to make sure that their plans for the furniture factory would push through for Jacob.

Meanwhile, Marty and Fred paid a visit to Joey Nolan, who was at Twain’s with his friends. As he refused to tell them where he had been the night that the red crosses were painted on the doors, Marty manhandled him. He told him that if he had a problem with the returned then he had a problem with Marty as he was Returned. This revelation left Fred stunned. A little while later, he simply asked Marty if Maggie knew that he was returned, which Marty confirmed.

While Tom was at church, tending to those Returned whose families had left there, Janine decided to take matters into her own hands regarding the baby and brought Janine to her sister’s house, as she claimed that Tom had wanted them to go there due to the anti-Returned sentiment within Arcadia.

At the same time, Henry paid Brian a visit and told him that he knew that Brian would regret going back on his deal. Restoring the family business just did not mean restoring quality furniture, but it meant the restoration of the greatness of American business. Because of this, William Kirk came out and introduced himself as Brian’s grandfather. He then told Henry that he used to work as a laborer at the factory a long time ago. He told Brian to continue supporting Henry’s endeavors. At the bank, Brian was surprised when Henry remortgaged his house so that he would have enough collateral for the business loan needed in order to get the factory restored.

At the hospital, Fred paid a visit to Elaine, who was currently tending to Ray inside his room. After Maggie asked her father to bring Elaine home, she revealed to him that Lucille had passed by her office with a basketful of food. She had tried to apologize for the awful things that she had said to Barbara. A little while later, Maggie called Lucille up and made up. Maggie then revealed to her that she had also been mad at her mother when she had first arrived.

Later that evening, Fred called Marty up, as he had received an anonymous tip that True Living were going to strike that evening at the church. Marty then decided to go to the church to make sure that things were alright, and Fred decided to join his officers in patrolling the town.

Meanwhile, Tom, upon returning home, discovered that both Janine and Rachael were gone. In his and Janine’s room, he stumbled across Janine’s pregnancy journal, in which she called the baby “our baby,” in which she had planned out various things, such as a baby shower, and baby names. He then saw that she had been upset about the procedure that had been done. After calling Janine, she told him that they were at another obstetrician’s clinic in order to get a second opinion. She then became upset when she learned that he had found out about her journal. He then told her to bring Rachael home, and that they needed to talk. However, their call was interrupted by Marty, who told him that something was going to happen to the church that night.

At the church, both Marty and Tom were relieved that nothing had happened yet. Tom was then surprised by a call from Rachael. She then told him that she was at Janine’s sister’s place, as Janine had claimed that Tom had wanted her to go there. She also told him that Janine was acting a little bit overprotective, which Tom confirmed. He then told her that Janine was trying to keep them apart, as she knew that they, Tom and Rachael, were still in love with each other. He then told her that he loved her and that he would get her. However, before Tom could leave, a tear gas bomb was thrown into the room. Marty then got the Returned out of the church through the front door and told Tom to air the place out by opening the back door. As some tear gas had gotten into his eyes, Tom walked out blindly into the street, where he was accidentally hit by Deputy Carl Enders (Christopher Berry).

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gallery (ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)


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