Ressurrection Recap: Aftermath

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Ressurrection Recap: Aftermath
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Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 9 “Aftermath” aired last Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) investigated Pastor Tom Hale’s (Mark Hildreth) death. The rest of the town became deeply affected by this news, which ended up in a surprising development. Meanwhile, ICE Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) went to the government facility. Marty had been brought to before in a bid to ask for the government’s help in producing more of the cure for the virus and gained an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) finally became aware of the sordid truth behind the Langston Furniture Factory and realized what his mother, Margaret (Michelle Fairley) had done. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Pastor Tom Hale (Mark Hildreth). He dreamt that he was seated on a chair and holding his baby. Then, the baby’s mother, Rachael Braidwood (Kathleen Munroe) came and told him that they had been so close. He then woke up and drew his last breath, while ICE Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) looked on. Around them, police cars and an ambulance came to collect the pastor’s body.  Marty was then interrupted by a call from Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley), Fred’s daughter. She informed him that she had been able to find the cure to the virus that had been spreading among the Returned and the non-Returned. Rachael’s amniotic fluid was able to cure a non-Returned — Ray Richards (Travis Young).

Later that morning, Fred went to Janine Hale (Lori Beth Sikes), who was with Rachael at Janine’s sister’s house and informed her that Tom had died in a hit and run accident. She then poured a glass of water for Rachael, in which she dissolved some medicinal powder into it. She then gave it to Rachael and stole her cell phone, which was by her bedside table. Rachael woke up for a while and asked what was happening. Janine then reassured her that everything was all right and encouraged her to sleep some more.  

Meanwhile, Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher) informed the Langston family matriarch, Margaret (Michelle Fairley) about what had happened to Tom. He was used to be Jacob’s (Landon Gimenez) best friend when he was younger and was one of the first to accept Jacob back into town. Margaret then disagreed that Jacob should be sheltered from the truth that there were people who wanted to hurt him and the other Returned. Lucille then told Margaret that they would do what they see fit. They were more than capable of raising Jacob themselves. After Margaret left the kitchen, Lucille congratulated Henry a little bit reluctantly after learning that the deal with the factory was still on. She then told him that despite what Margaret wanted, she was not going to tell Jacob about the anti-Returned group — the True Living of Arcadia — as he did not really need to know that. Upstairs, Margaret saw that Jacob had been eavesdropping on Henry and Lucille from a thin floorboard in his room.

Later that morning, after Lucille told Jacob about Tom’s death, Jacob told her that he wasn’t that sad, as Tom had been a grown up when he had come back. However, Lucille was the one who was more affected and cried.

At the hospital, Marty informed Maggie that so far, no one has admitted to the hit and run that had killed Tom. Marty then saw that it seemed that Ray had truly gotten better thanks to Rachael’s amniotic fluid. Maggie then told him that they could give the fluid to Marty’s government contacts. They need to do it in order to manufacture more of it so that the virus could be wiped out. Marty then reluctantly revealed that he had taken the last dosage of his own medicine the night before, which was why he started looking not well. However, despite Maggie’s objections that he be admitted, he insisted on going to find Rachael as the cure to his sickness lay with her. Maggie then decided to go with him so that she would be able to make sure that he would be okay.

Margaret, who had just learned from Henry that despite her objections, he had continued the deal with Brian Addison (Kyle Secor) in order to rebuild the factory. She got upset that Henry would go behind her back. He then told her that she should be proud. She was the one who had made him realize that their family could go back to where they truly belong.

Meanwhile, Rachael, who had just learned from Janine that Tom had died, tried to escape from the house in order to see Tom’s body. However, Janine locked both doors, as she knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her and for the baby to see Tom’s body at the moment. After Rachael had calmed down, Janine prepared some tea for Rachael, who apologized for her behavior. Rachael then knocked Janine out while she was looking for some sugar, stole her keys and drove off in her car.

At the office, Fred and his team started to investigate Tom’s death. He then asked Deputy Carl (Christopher Berry), who seemed jumpy, to talk to those who lived near the church in order to figure out if anyone had seen anything. Margaret then came to Fred’s office and told him that he should stop Henry from continuing to work with Brian Addison as he and his grandfather were trying to swindle them. He then told her to get out of his office.

At the Langston house, Jacob, who had found an old picture of him and Tom in his photo album, gave it to Lucille in order to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Fred had discovered that Janine’s car had gone missing. Marty discovered that Rachael was not picking up her cell phone. He then informed Maggie that there just might be another way to be able to get amniotic fluid from Rachael and promised to explain in the car.

Back at the Langston house, Henry tried to call Brian Addison again as he had not been picking up his phone. Fred then passed by to give Henry his money back from Brian, who had admitted to Fred, who had followed the lead that his mother had given him. He wanted to take Henry’s money and to skip town, in revenge for the fact that his grandfather had died in the factory fire in ‘35. Henry refused to believe that the Langston family had covered up the fire and told the world that the 12 men had died due to a trucking accident. Fred then told him to ask Margaret about it and told him that Margaret was a liar. He then suggested that if Henry still didn’t believe him, to ask her about what happened to Barbara.

In the car, Marty revealed that they were going to the government facility that he had been brought to before. He told Maggie that he had discovered where it was as he had planted his phone there and used a missing phone application to locate it. He then started to prepare Maggie for the eventuality that he might disappear. He told her that they needed a contingency plan to contain the virus in Arcadia just in case. However, Maggie refused to believe that Marty was going to disappear. She believed that it was fate that had originally brought him to Arcadia, where he himself had been born in.  

At the Langston house, Margaret revealed to Jacob that the people who had hurt Tom also wanted to hurt the Returned, as they did not like those who were different. Margaret then told Jacob that Tom had died defending those who needed him. Jacob then told his grandmother that they were worried that those people might hurt his parents.

At the government facility, they told Angela Forrester (Donna Murphy) that they had found a cure for the virus but needed Rachael’s amniotic fluids in order to create the vaccine. They then informed Angela that even if they couldn’t find Rachael at the moment, they might be able to harvest some of the amniotic fluid from the body of Rachael that they had. They had kept Rachael’s body after she had died again after she had first Returned. However, her superiors refused to allow them to use Rachael’s amniotic fluid. They told her to let nature run its course — they wanted the Returned to simply disappear. After informing them that she could not do anything to help them, she handed Maggie back her bag and allowed them to leave.

At Fred’s office, after he looked at the list of cars that DMV provided them based on the partial plate that had been seen by a witness, he asked if Deputy Carl had gone back. One of his deputies then informed him that officers who looked over the church had found a bottle of riot control tear gas, which they only had access to. After checking their supply closet, Fred discovered that two bottles of tear gas had gone missing.

Meanwhile, Carl, who had accidentally killed Tom, started packing his clothes into a bag in a bid to run away from Arcadia before he got caught. However, Fred stopped him and arrested him for the death of Tom Hale.

Henry, who had, after checking the blueprints of the factory when it had been rebuilt, realized that Fred was telling the truth, confronted his mother about the fire that had happened in 1935. He revealed to her that he now knew that fire had occurred in the varnish room, as that was the only room that had been rebuilt. He then told her that he felt betrayed by her. Everything that he had done for the factory was a lie, as it had been built on the sacrifice of those 12 men, whose deaths they had covered up. She then answered back by telling him that she would have never have left the factory for him to run. If she had known that he would fold under just a little pressure, as he had shut down the factory after Jacob had died. After asking what she had done with Barbara, she told him that Barbara had to go for what she did to Henry, Fred, and Jacob. Because of this, Henry kicked Margaret out of his house and reminded her that she had been dead for decades.  

Meanwhile, the entire town came to pay their respects for Tom by putting up a small memorial by one of the walls of his church. There, Jacob placed the GI Joe toy that he and Tom used to play with when they were small.

At a small parking lot in Arcadia, Marty started to prepare for the worst. He tried to get Maggie to promise that she would take care of Jenny, his sister, for him when he disappeared. Maggie then discovered that Angela had snuck in some vials of vaccine and amniotic fluid into her bag, which meant that Marty and the other Returned in Arcadia had a chance of surviving the virus.

Later that night, Rachael stopped Janine’s car in front of a railroad track, unsure of what she was going to do. Elsewhere, Margaret sat on a bench alone and looked at her locket, which had a picture of Jacob inside.

At the memorial for Tom, the town lighted up some candles as they kept vigil, with Fred watching over things. He then told Joey Nolan and the True Living group to leave. They had come to stand in silent protest as Tom had been a Returned sympathizer. Henry then forced himself forward and tried to tell Joey off. However, he answered back that they had to suffer just because Jacob had died. Henry had shut down the factory where many of the Arcadians worked in. In anger, Henry lunged forward at Joey, who then knocked him to the ground, causing his forehead to bleed. Lucille then rushed to help him up. Margaret then appeared beside Jacob, who told her that he wanted to go away already. He did not want his parents to get hurt, as he knew that all the chaos was because of them. Afterward, Lucille and Fred frantically searched for Jacob, as Lucille had realized that Jacob had suddenly disappeared. However, they could not find him anywhere.  

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Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons/Gallery (ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)


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