Resurrection Recap: Old Scars

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Resurrection Recap: Old Scars
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Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 4 “Old Scars” aired last Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 at 9:00 pm on ABC. In this episode, the Langston family celebrated the return of  Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez). The Langston family matriarch Margaret (Michelle Fairley) convinced Lucille (Frances Fisher), Jacob’s mother, to hold a family dinner on the date that Jacob had died. During the dinner, some unexpected visitors arrived, which caused several strained relationships in the family. Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) continued their investigation on the bones they had found while Rachael (Kathleen Munroe)  discovered something unexpected about her baby. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback set in the 1930s. A man with a leg brace tried to run from the villagers who were chasing him. When they caught up with him, the man was hanged from a tree while a little girl and her father looking on. Back in the present day, Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley) stared at the same tree that the man in the flashback had been hung on.

Inside the house, Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher) dressed in black after she noticed that the date for that day was October 28. She then went down in order to gather some sunflowers. However, she began to cry when she saw one of Jacob’s (Landon Gimenez) toys on the porch. Margaret, who had gone out to the porch, suggested that Lucille should stay a while outside to calm herself down, as she had started to cry. She then told Margaret that today was the day that Jacob had died 32 years ago. Margaret then convinced her to turn the sad occasion into a happy one and suggested that they all have a family dinner, like they used to.

At Maggie Langston’s (Devin Kelley) place, Maggie informed Agent Mary Bellamy (Omar Epps) that she had not been sleeping at all that night. She wondered since he was in communication with the government, whether they had mentioned it or if they knew that the bones were bones of some of the Returned. However, Marty said that they had not mentioned it, and since they knew some facts about the victims- that the bones were from the 1930s, that one victim was white and the other was African American, and that one of them had a problem with his knee, they could still figure out who they really were.

At the local grocery store, Janine Hale (Lori Beth Sikes)  ran into Rachael, who was trying to figure out what supplements and vitamins she needed to buy. As she was starting to get the wrong things, Janine helped her out. It turned out that Janine had never gotten “as far along” as her when it came to getting pregnant, but she had already made her peace with it.  Rachael then told her that she didn’t have to worry about her anymore, as she was going to get her own place. All of a sudden, after Rachael thanked Janine for her help, she collapsed on the floor. Because of this, Janine called Maggie, and she and Tom (Mark Hildreth) rushed Rachael to the clinic. There, Maggie told them that the baby was alright, but she expressed a little bit of concern, as the fetus was growing twice as fast as a normal fetus should be growing.

At the restaurant and bar, Margaret and her son Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) met up for breakfast. He then told her that he was working on the case of the bones they had found in the river. He then advised her that it seemed like the bones had been buried underneath one of the floors of the factory. As she claimed that she had no idea about it, she suggested that the factory must have been built on top of a cemetery, however, it couldn’t have been so, as the bones were from the 1930s, and at that time, the factory had already been up running. She then persuaded him to come to the family dinner that night, especially as Maggie had agreed to attend. Thanks to this, she instructed Lucille to bring out a second set of plates, and instructed Jacob to put two more settings on the table as Fred and Maggie had both agreed to attend.

Meanwhile, Marty scoured the microfilm archives in order to see if anything could help him identify who the bones had belonged to. As he searched, he came across an old article in which twelve Langston Factory Workers had been killed in a truck accident.

Back at Henry Langston’s (Kurtwood Smith) house, Jacob and his mother started setting the table. He then asked about his and his Aunt Barbara’s (April Billingsley) funeral, and wondered why Aunt Barbara hadn’t been invited to come to the dinner. He had wanted her to come so that he could apologize for not saving her. However, his mother told him that he had nothing to apologize for. Annoyed and confused, Jacob threw down one of the glasses on the table, and ran off when Lucille told him to go outside to play. However, they did not realize that Henry had heard the entire conversation.

Because of this, he decided to go to Barbara and invited her to come to the family dinner as Jacob had wanted her to be there. He also told her that because of the Returned, he had learned that they, the Returned, had a “remarkable power to heal old wounds”, if one was open to it.

Back at Henry’s house, Margaret and Lucille bonded over how difficult it was to raise a little boy. Margaret remembered that Fred, as a young boy, had always been “at odds” with her, and it had gotten worse after he had met Barbara at the age of fourteen. Lucille commented that was now ancient history, but to Margaret, it was very fresh in her memory.

At Tom Hale’s house, Rachael, confused and tired, went to her room to get some rest. Janine then told Tom that she knew that Rachaeal was planning to get her own place, but told him that she could stay with them.

A little later on, after she brought Rachael some water, she comforted a confused Rachael and promised to help her through her pregnancy. As the two women hugged, Tom looked on silently from the door of the room.

At the Sheriff’s office, after Fred apologized to Marty for barging into his office, Marty shared that he had identified who one of the bones belonged to. He then showed him the article that he had found in the archives, regarding the 12 Langston Factory workers who had died in an accident. One of them had a leg problem, as he wore a leg brace. He was among the victims whose bones they had found. He then pointed out a man who looked exactly like Arthur Holmes, the recently returned Returned who had suddenly disappeared. However, he found it odd that Arthur had been in a trucking accident, yet remembered that when he had died, he had been in a fire. It was then revealed that Fred had kept one of the bones they had found on the river with him, but did not tell anyone that he had it.

That evening, Maggie and Fred bonded over a picture Maggie had found with her as a baby being held by her happy and proud parents. However, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Jacob was delighted to see that Barbara had come, much to the surprise of everyone in the house. A delighted Jacob then apologized for failing to save her that day at the river as he had slipped. Barbara hugged him and told him that she knew that he had tried to save her.

Before the dinner started, Fred asked his mother if she knew a man named Arthur Holmes, who had worked at the factory when his grandfather was the foreman. She then told him that she did not know who Arthur Holmes was, and told him that he probably had imagined the entire thing. She then ordered her sons to get two new chairs from the basement as there weren’t enough chairs at the dining table. Upstairs, he saw Maggie checking her cellphone, who was trying to see if Marty had called with an update regarding their investigation. He then mentioned that he and Marty had talked about a man named Arthur Holmes. To his surprise, Maggie suggested that he talk to his mother, as she had visited Arthur before he had disappeared.

During the dinner, Jacob energetically told them, and Barbara several stories, while Lucille kept on drinking wine until she had emptied the bottle. As Margaret helped Lucille get some more wine, she mentioned that it was “galling” that Barbara was there. However, Lucille defended her husband’s decision to invite Barbara, as Jacob had wanted her to be there, and that it also had been inappropriate of Margaret to invite Fred over, as Fred had tried to take Jacob away before. However, Margaret maintained that Fred was just a victim in all of the events that had been happening and that the root of all their problems was Barbara.

Outside, everyone was having a relatively good time, until Margaret started asking Barbara about how she and Sam Catlin were doing, and wondered why she had not brought him with her. However, Barbara replied that it would have been inappropriate to bring him along. Fred started to warn his mother to stop taunting Barbara, who was being calmed down by her daughter, Maggie. Then Margaret proposed a toast, and before they toasted, she told them that she had realized that she had come back in order to make sure that their family would be back together, and that it was her mission to protect her family, no matter what. However, as she called each of them by name before they toasted, she deliberately skipped out on Barbara’s name, only to have it be included by Jacob.

Meanwhile, back at the Sheriff’s office, Marty tried to call Fred, only to have it get ignored by him. He then left him a voice message telling him that he was planning on going to the factory, as his investigation seemed to lead him there.

After they had eaten dinner, Henry decided to prepare some coffee for all of them while Jacob helped put away the dishes. As they all smiled as they heard Jacob’s laughter, Barbara and Fred reminisced and told Maggie that as a baby, she had laughed all the time. However, Lucille interrupted them by telling Barbara that it was her fault that Jacob had died, as she had gone down to the river to see Sam Catlin. If it weren’t for that, then she would have seen Jacob grow up and become a husband, and a father, and would not accept Barbara’s apologies. Fred told her to stop, but she just told him that she hadn’t forgotten what he had done, and that Barbara had no idea what it felt like to be a mother as she had never been one. Crying, Barbara left the house, and was followed out by Fred and Maggie.

Fred tried to pacify her, but Barbara told him that she did not deserve to be forgiven, however, he told her that he knew how she felt. She then asked him if he had found her body the day that she had died, as the shoe that he had left on her doorstep was the shoe she had been wearing the day that she had died. He then told her that he had let it go, and she kissed him on the lips before she left. However, they did not know that Maggie had seen the entire thing.

At the factory, he was surprised when Fred, who had gotten his message, had shown up. They then went to the opposite of the building as they had heard a noise. There, inside a truck, they found Mikey, Deputy Carl’s brother, who had died 15 years ago. However, they rushed him to the clinic, as he was very sick.

At the clinic, they were surprised to see that a lot of sick patients had been admitted that night. And strangely enough, Maggie informed them that all of the patients were Returned.

Meanwhile, Jacob, who was being tucked into bed by his grandmother, asked for a story to put him to sleep. She then told him the story of a little girl who had grown up in a village, whose family had employed all the villagers, and were happy. However, their happiness was ruined by some demons, who could not be killed at all, at kept on coming back. Finally, they were able to discover how to kill them, and as the years went by, only the little girl, who had grown up, remembered the secret, even if she herself had become a demon as well. But she knew that it was her mission to keep her family safe forever.

While she told the story, a flashback was shown, with Margaret as a little girl. The entire village had gathered around the man with the leg brace. Kerosene was then poured over him before the entire village torched him until he died..

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