Resurrection Recap: Prophecy

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Resurrection Recap: Prophecy
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“Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 10 “Prophecy” aired last Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, a storm hit the town of Arcadia. Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith), Fred Langston (Matt Craven) and ICE Agent Marty J. Bellamy (Omar Epps) searched for Henry’s son, Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), whom they believed was taken by the Returned Langston family matriarch, Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley). While waiting, Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher), Henry’s wife, opened up to her niece, Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley), about the day that Jacob had died. While this happened, Margaret told Jacob the truth of all that she knew. After Jacob was found, the family became more torn apart as age old secrets started to become exposed. Marty took in his sister, Jenny, who recognized a new Returned who was connected to Marty’s past, knew more about Arcadia than most of them. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher), as she remembered that they day that Jacob had died, she had fallen asleep on the bed with a huge book on her chest. She called out to her son several times. Lucille then was brought back to the present. Outside, a nasty storm had begun, and Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) searched the drawers for a flashlight. He then realized that his mother, Margaret (Michelle Fairley), must have taken him as one of their cars was missing. They were then joined by Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven), his daughter, Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) and ICE Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps). Maggie decided to stay with her aunt, while Marty took his car to search, and Fred and Henry searched with Fred’s car. However, they were reassured that both Margaret and Jacob had not truly disappeared yet as their blood samples were still in the clinic.

Outside, a man taking shelter in front of a big tree prayed but was then hit by lightning. He then stumbled into Twain’s, where he told Elaine Richards (Samaire Armstrong) that he had to find a boy and save him. Elaine then saw that the man had a tattoo or a scar in the shape of a tree. As he looked like he needed medical attention, she went to get the first aid kit. However, when she returned to the bar, she discovered that he had disappeared after borrowing a rain coat.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Margaret took shelter inside a barn. Margaret then told Jacob that they were where it all began. At the two waited inside, Margaret remembered that she had been there before in the barn, on her wedding day. She had been very young and was crying. Her thoughts were then interrupted by Jacob, who asked her if dying would hurt. However, Margaret reassured him that it would be like a magical adventure. Margaret then reassured him that the roaring sound that he was hearing was the sound of the falls nearby and that she had been thinking of when she was hiding there on her wedding day. However, Margaret refused to tell Jacob the story at that moment.

In the car, Henry tried to apologize to Fred for his attitude towards him the other day, when Fred was trying to warn him about Margaret, as now he was no longer blind. Fred then reasoned that Henry was now very different from the man that he had been before Jacob had died. Fred, upon Henry’s suggestion, then double checked the factory, but to no avail. However, Henry and Fred both knew that their mother would never leave Arcadia, which meant that she was somewhere in the area. Henry then admitted to Fred that Jacob’s death had changed both him and Lucille and told him that he did not think that they could survive another blow like that. They then decided to go up to the Old Sawmill Road” and told Marty to go there as well, after one of Fred’s deputies reported to him that a stranger in a raincoat claiming that he had to save a boy was headed that way.

Back in the Langston house, Lucille remembered that the day that Jacob had died, after calling out for Jacob to no avail, she had called Henry as she knew that something was wrong. Back in the present, after telling Maggie that she had to sleep, Maggie reassured her that she wasn’t going anywhere and suggested that they have some tea so that Lucille could calm down. While they drank their tea, Lucille opened up to Maggie about the day that Jacob and Maggie’s mother, Barbara, had died. She told her that she had fallen asleep with a book on her chest, as she had been studying for one of her finals for her master’s degree in Biology, which she ended up not finishing. She remembered that prior to that day, Henry had been warning her and telling her to sleep instead of studying. When she woke up, Jacob was gone. Maggie then told her not to blame herself for what had happened. She then told Maggie that she would rather have lost Jacob, then get him back again, rather than never having him at all.

In the barn, Margaret told Jacob the truth about everything. She told him that her father had been the foreman of the Langston factory, and had worked for a bad man, her husband, who forced her father to do bad things, such as burn and kill the first Returned — the factory workers that had died in a fire again and again. Jacob then correctly guessed that she was also retelling the story about the villagers who had killed the demons again. However, now, he realized that the demons she referred to were the Returned. Because of her father’s loyalty, in order for her to have a better life despite her wishes, she ended up marrying Mr. Langston. Jacob then asked if she did have a better life. At this, she smiled and told him that because of that, she had him. She then told Jacob that she believed that the Langstons had cause the sickness in the town and that they were cursed. She told him that she believed that the Returned had come back to punish them. She also admitted that she tried to make plans in order to help the living, such as Henry and Fred, but seeing as that it had backfired, she was now prepared to leave so that she would not cause any more pain. Jacob then decided that he would be going with her.

Meanwhile, Marty, who encountered the stranger first, learned that the stranger had not seen any eight-year-old boy. Fred and Henry then realized that Margaret might be at the old barn which was attached to her childhood home. When they got there, they found Henry’s car. Because of this, Fred and Henry took the front entrance, while Marty came in through the rear. The brothers then confronted their mother, and Henry told Margaret to stop putting ideas in Jacob’s head and told her to return Jacob to him. However, Fred warned Henry that they did not know what she was capable of. Marty then managed to sneak up behind Jacob and took him away from Margaret. Margaret was shocked then that Fred believed that she would hurt Jacob. She then told them that she had sacrificed her entire life for the Langston family and that her father had become broken because of them. She then admitted that she had hated her husband and told them both that she had always hated the Langston in them. Afterwards, Marty took Henry and Jacob home, while Fred decided to take Margaret to the government facility.

Back at the house, both Lucille and Henry were very relieved that Jacob was safe. However, Jacob maintained that his grandmother had not done anything wrong and refused to eat. Before Maggie left for the clinic, she told Marty to swing by soon so that she could give him the stem call serum to cure the sickness that he had. Before he left, he told Jacob that his parents really cared about him and told him that everything was going to be alright.

Afterwards, he called Angela Forrester (Donna Murphy) up and asked her to bring his sister, Jenny, who was also a Returned, to him. He then showed Jenny his birthmark, which meant that he was really Robert, her baby brother. After telling her that he would take care of her, she wondered why he was not married yet. He then decided to introduce her to his friend, Maggie.

Back at the Langston house, Jacob told Lucille that he had been ready to leave with Margaret so that she, Lucille, would not get hurt anymore, but the thought of her made him realize that he didn’t want to go away anymore. After he left, Henry came in and told Lucille that he did not want to talk about Margaret. They then fought about how blind Henry had been about Margaret, and Lucille indirectly admitted that she blamed him for what had just happened, which Henry felt was unfair as he had never blamed her for Jacob’s death years ago. Because of this, Lucille suggested that he leave the house for a while.

While they waited for the government van to pick Margaret up, Fred learned that she had made Barbara disappear by encouraging her to give up and to let go. She then revealed that she knew this as when she was ten, she had heard the first Returned that she knew of, the factory workers, talking while waiting to die for the fourth time. There, she had learned that to truly disappear, all one needed to do was to let go, while one’s mind was completely blank. She then admitted that she was going to disappear but had found it hard to do so while looking at Jacob. Fred then admitted that he had never felt like a Langston and suggested that she hide away in his cabin. However, she refused and told him that she wanted to be with her own kind.

Meanwhile, Maggie, Jenny and Marty had a meal at Twain’s together. Jenny then recognized the stranger as Preacher James, who introduced Marty to him. Later on, early in the morning, Marty, who couldn’t sleep, walked to the large tree, where he saw several bugs shoot out of the earth to form the silhouette of a tree. After it disappeared, the preacher told him that he knew that Marty had seen it as well. He then revealed that he was Returned and that he had died trying to save him as a baby during the big flood there. He then told Marty that he knew that the town was sick and that they both would heal it.

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