Resurrection Recap: Revelation

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Resurrection Recap: Revelation
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“Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 1 “Revelation” aired on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, ICE Agent Marty J. Bellamy (Omar Epps) dealt with the aftermath of the events that happened during the season finale. However, Marty was in for a big surprise as he learned that he had gone missing for one entire week. Meanwhile, another family member returned to the Langston family. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with ICE Agent Marty J. Bellamy (Omar Epps), waking up in the middle of a field, beside the dirt road where he had stood with Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), who was one of the Returned, before several agents took Jacob away from him. He then remembered that the agents had taken the rest of the returned away on a bus. Panicked and fearing for the returned, Marty ran towards Jacob’s house, where he was welcomed in by Jacob’s parents, Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille (Frances Fisher) Langston.

As they gave him breakfast, Marty expressed his delight and surprise that Jacob was still there with them. It turned out that the agents had taken the Returned away but allowed those with loved ones and family in Arcadia to stay behind. Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley), Jacob’s cousin, and Sheriff Fred Langston’s (Matt Craven) daughter had been questioned about her involvement with the Returned but was soon let go afterwards. Lucille then told Marty that they were being monitored, and the rest of the world called Arcadia a “Zombie hoax,” as proved by the local daily newspaper. Marty, who was surprised at the date, realized that he had been gone for an entire week.

He then tried to reach out and called his boss, Dr. Toni Willis (Tamlyn Tomita), but as something seemed off, he hung up on the call. Meanwhile, Jacob came outside to tell Marty that he was glad that Marty was back. All of a sudden, Marty experienced pain in his chest area, near his heart.

At the local clinic, Dr. Maggie Langston performed an ultrasound on Pastor Tom Hale and Rachael, his girlfriend’s baby. She told him that it was a healthy baby boy, but what was strange was that the baby seemed to be around four months already, when he should be around two to three months only. After Rachaeal, Maggie tended to Marty, who had come to her for a check up.

She gave him a clean bill of health and told him that there was nothing wrong with his heart. She revealed that she was let go after the agents had asked her a couple of questions. She told Marty that they had tried to look for him, but they were unable to find him. As he did not have any place to stay and because she had his things, she invited him to stay over at her house for a while, just until he figured out what he would do next. Outside, Maggie’s receptionist reminded her that her father, Sheriff Fred Langston, had been trying to call her. However, Maggie decided not to pick up or answer any of the calls.

At Maggie’s place, she revealed that her house was big, as she had intended to move in with someone there before. however, she and her boyfriend had broken up after she had signed the papers. Marty then revealed that he was also once engaged but had decided not to push through with it as marriage was not for him.

Maggie then revealed that she did not know what to think anymore about the recent events. Somehow, even if the Returned were coming back and even if it was supposed to be a good thing, it only led her to question her beliefs. However, Marty reassured her by saying that he once handled a case where a little boy was a witness to a murder. This boy testified at court, and they had won the case. But the boy, as a result, was killed. However, the boy’s father still found hope and found religion. Later on, the father revealed to Marty that when a man is at its lowest, he finds that he has no fear, and when one has no fear, there are no limits. And the only one without limits is God. That’s how he had found faith.

However, their conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Toni, who promised to reveal everything to Marty in Chicago the next night.

Meanwhile, Jacob, sensing something amiss, decided to go the cemetery. There, he met his late grandmother, Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley), who had returned. Later, he revealed that he knew that she was there because he had dreamt of her and that he had felt her presence.

Jacob brought her to their house, where she was reunited with her son, Henry. She revealed that the last thing that she remembered was being in a hospital bed and that she had already let go. She wanted to see her other son, Fred, but Henry revealed to her that Fred did not believe that the Returned were who they really claimed to be and that he had been the one to call the army to take the others away. Henry tried to reconnect with Fred and told him that their mother was back. However, Fred only replied that what had returned was not their mother.

Saddened by this, she told Henry that Fred had always not liked her and that when she was in a coma before she died, it was only Henry who had visited her in the hospital every day. However, Henry revealed that Fred had been there, outside the room, every day. He had never come in as he could not bear to see his mother like that.

Right before Marty left for Chicago, a drunk Fred tried to talk to Maggie in order to apologize. However, she was still mad at what he had done and especially as he refused to acknowledge that Barbara (April Billingsley) had indeed returned and was no longer with him.

This incident led him to drink his sorrows away at a local bar, where Elaine Richards (Samaire Armstrong) worked as a bartender. As he had too much to drink, Elaine decided that she would drive him home. Along the way, they had a little bit of fun by driving the sheriff’s car at a higher speed limit, using the sirens, and throwing rocks and shooting at windows at an abandoned building. On that building were two letters, an F and a B, which Fred revealed stood for Fred and Barbara. As they looked up at the sky, he tried to make a move on Elaine, who decided that they had enough fun and brought him back to his house.

There, he looked sadly at a picture of him and Barbara with Maggie when she was a baby. As he could not take it anymore, he reached for his gun. However, his mother, Margaret, came inside his room. At first, he refused to believe that it was her. Then after a while, he realized that his mother had truly returned. She then calmed him down and took away his gun. She comforted him and assured him that everything would be okay from then on forwards.

In Chicago, Marty went to the bar, as Toni had instructed. However, he ran away as he saw the woman who was present when he was interrogated and drugged. Feeling betrayed, he confronted Toni about it, who revealed that they had said that he was unstable and that she would not help him anymore.

He then headed towards his apartment, in order to collect some of his things. While there, he noticed that there was some movement going on in the other room. When he turned on the light, the woman in the suit was there in his living room. She told him that she just wanted to talk and to make him an offer. She also reassured him that the other Returned were safe. She told him to go back to Arcadia, as he is one of the biggest experts on the Returned and since they trust him there. There, he would keep an eye on things and report back to her every so often, making him her spy. Marty refused, as she was the one responsible for his capture and interrogation. However, she only commented that he really had not remembered what had happened and that because he had called Toni, they were sure about him and that they had arranged the meet up with Toni to gain visual confirmation. Before she left, the woman told him that he could refuse her, but that would only prompt her to put him with the rest of the Returned.

After she left, memories of the past week came back to him. While he was in interrogation, he had fought back and struggled with one of the guards who was holding him, resulting in his being shot in the chest. This was why he kept on experiencing heart pain.

The next scene revealed Marty’s body on a metal slab at a top secret morgue, where his body was kept and tagged as one of the Returned.

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