Resurrection Recap: Steal Away

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Resurrection Recap: Steal Away
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Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 12 “Steal Away” aired last Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, things become more tense in both the government facility and in Arcadia. It was after all of the Returned seemed to be in a trance for a while. In particular, the Returned in Arcadia stared at Rachael Braidwood’s (Kathleen Munroe) window at Twain’s. Angela Forrester (Donna Murphy) becomes disturbed after realizing that there will be a mass Return coming on ahead. Preacher James Goodman (Jim Parrack) realized what his mission truly is, and to do so, he enlisted the help of Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley). Meanwhile, Rachael started to have more and more contractions. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with all the Returned, in the government facility and in Arcadia, walking and suddenly stopping, as if they were in a trance. However, in Arcadia, Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) and her father, Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven), realized that they were all looking at the window. It is where Rachael Braidwood (Kathleen Munroe) and her unborn child were staying. However, after Fred fired his pistol into the sky, they broke out of their trance and came to.

Inside Twains, Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez) revealed to Preacher James Goodman (Jim Parrack) that he “did not like the way that the trance “made him feel.” He also mentioned that his grandmother, Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairely) knew how to make Returned disappear, as she had made his aunt disappear. The Preacher then went upstairs in order to talk to Rachael. She was with ICE Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps), Maggie, and Fred. There, he learned that she had woken up with a contraction and had seen everyone staring at her. She then also revealed that she had “returned with her baby.” Just before leaving Rachael’s room, he noticed, and Marty noticed that she had the same flower as the one in their shared vision. They then realized that they had to figure out what Rachael’s role was in everything to be able to figure out what exactly happened. To this end, he prayed at church, and saw visions of Rachael screaming in pain due to the contractions. Then he saw the tree made out of dozens of bugs from the ground, and the flower. He then thanked the Lord and said that he wouldn’t fail in his mission.

He then went over to the Langston house, and asked about Margaret, even if it was still an “open wound” for Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith). However, what the preacher did confirm was that Margaret definitely had the power to make Returned disappear. She had done everything because she thought that she was protecting them, her family.

At the facility, Margaret fanned the flames of restlessness amongst the Returned there. They were scared because it seemed as if they were being tested upon. She was then brought to Angela Forrester (Donna Murphy), whom she told that she wanted to “get out” of the facility.

Meanwhile, back in Arcadia, Preacher James told Marty that they were all connected to Barbara. He needed to talk to Margaret as soon as possible. However, they didn’t have to wait for long as Angela reached out to Marty regarding the incident that morning, and about Margaret. Marty then told her that he might be able to bring over someone who could help. He then told Preacher James, who was removing poisoned berries from a field, that they were being granted access to the government facility.

At the Langston household, Fred checked up on his brother. He reassured him that he would never be scared of Henry.

In the common room, the preacher recognized Margaret, and she recognized him as well. He then told her that in exchange for getting them all out, all he wanted in return was the secret on how to get rid of a Returned. He then held mass, and Margaret led them towards him.

Meanwhile, Angela told Marty that these Returns have happened before, and usually is accompanied by a trigger, such as a new Returned. However, they don’t know when or what the trigger actually is. When she mentioned that it’s usually triggered by a new Returned, he remembered his vision again. They were then interrupted by Randy. He showed them that the preacher had poisoned all the Returned in order to break them out. Because of this, Marty called Fred and told them to get Rachael to safety because they might be after her. However, as her contractions became more and more, they decided to stay at the Langston house, with Fred as protection. However, Jacob found it disconcerting that he kept on having headaches.

In the forest, Preacher James revealed to Margaret that he wanted to know her secret. He could make sure that Rachael’s baby, a dark soul who had been “gestated in death.” It was foretold by the prophets, would never be born. However, she left him, thinking that he was “insane.”

Inside the room, Rachael knew that somehow, people kept on coming after her and her baby and wished that Tom was there. As the contractions kept on coming, Jacob’s headaches grew more and more. Maggie became nervous as she had never delivered a baby before. Outside, Margaret found out from Jacob that he kept on getting headaches because of the baby, and didn’t like what it was doing to him, as it hurt.

Meanwhile, Angela discovered, to her horror that a mass Returned was coming and would come by the millions.

Marty then confronted James and the rest of the Returned at the church. However, James told him that he had a mission, to stop the dark child from being born, and told him that nothing was going to stop him. Margaret then appeared and showed them the way to Rachael, as she had found out from Jacob that Rachael was there.

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