Resurrection Recap: True Believer

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Resurrection Recap: True Believer
FOREVER – Pilot LANDON GIMENEZ. 11:37:11. March 18, 2013. Wikimedia Commons/Gallery (ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

“Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 11 “True Believer” aired last Sunday, Jan 11, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, ICE Agent Marty J. Bellamy (Omar Epps) comes to believe in Preacher James (Jim Parrack) after he manages to do the impossible after a tragedy occurs in the Langston family. Meanwhile, Rachael Braidwood (Kathleen Munroe) came back to Arcadia and found some inner peace. Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley) adjusted well to life at the government facility for the Returned. Read on to learn more about this episode.

ICE Agent Marty J. Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Preacher James (Jim Parrack) walked and talked in the woods and fields surrounding Arcadia. Preacher James told Marty that he had saved baby Marty from the flood that had claimed the lives of his parents and sister, as he had seen him in the flood in a basket. However, the only explanation, he could give Marty about their shared vision of the cicadas forming the silhouette of a tree. It was that “there was a reason” and that “they had been chosen.” Marty then saw a lost man in the woods, who demanded that they “take him back.” While the old man told them where he had come from, Marty opened his eyes to see his sister, Jenny. She asked him if he had been dreaming. Dr. Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley) then made him realize that it had been the third time. Marty had had a dream about Preacher James and encouraged him to talk to him. After asking Jenny about him, they discovered that his “sermons were fun.” Each sermon was like a show, and that he could heal people. Marty, who had been trying to “figure out” James’ “angle” deduced that since a “collection plate” was normally passed around, that he was just after money.

Meanwhile, at Twains, the Langston brothers had breakfast together. Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) was staying with his brother, Fred Langston (Matt Craven), the Sheriff. He did not want to be the first one to admit that he was wrong in his little fight with his wife, Lucille (Frances Fisher). Fred then told him that the root of everything was their mother, Margaret (Michelle Fairley), who was currently at a Returned government facility. Fred told him that Henry’s decision to revive the factory was really about pleasing their mother. He sent the message to Lucille that Margaret was more important than her and their son, Jacob (Landon Gimenez), combined. He then warned Henry that he should settle his fight with Lucille soon.

At the government facility, during lunch time, at the mess hall, everyone became quieter when she walked into the room. Afterward, the other Returned whispered and talked behind her behind her back. While she was eating, one of the women forcibly took the reading glasses of another woman. Because of this, Margaret went up to her. She got back the glasses and gave it back to its rightful owner.

Back in Arcadia, while Lucille and Jacob went for a walk, Jacob worried that his parents were going to get a divorce. However, Lucille reassured him that whatever happened, they still loved him very much. They then ran into Jenny and Marty. She accompanied them to watch one of Preacher James’ sermons. During the sermon, Preacher James brought back the husband of Mrs. Henderson, who had died two days ago. Mr. Henderson, as it turned out, was the exact same old man that Marty had seen in his dream. Afterward, a hat, which served as a collection plate was passed around.

Meanwhile, Rachael Braidwood (Kathleen Munroe) came into the clinic, much to Maggie’s surprise, as she felt that she was “having contractions.” After examining her, Maggie told her that it was a false alarm, but that she could “give birth any day now.” Rachael then narrated her ordeal and told Maggie that they didn’t need to tell Fred about it. Maggie then promised to help her find a place where she and the baby could stay.

At Twains, Marty approached Preacher James. She told him that he knew that he had been a con-artist in the past and that he could not control or bring back people from the dead. However, he insisted that he had truly brought Mr. Henderson back from the dead. He wondered why Marty refused to believe in what he had done even though they had “shared a vision.” He even though he knew that deep down he knew that Marty knew that he, James, was right. Marty then left him after leaving him a warning that he had “the power to send” him “somewhere” where he wouldn’t want to go- the government facility- if he kept on conning others.

Up in Fred’s room, Henry, phone in hand, decided to call Lucille up. They then agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. that night at Twains in order to talk about things.

Meanwhile, at the government facility, the lady whom Margaret had helped out, thanked her. She introduced herself as the daughter of one of Langston Furniture’s accountants. She then asked for Margaret’s help to help organize a group of Returned who wanted to leave the facility. Margaret refused as she wanted to stay at the government facility.

At Twains, Lucille wondered why Henry wasn’t there yet as the clocked ticked past 6:00 p.m. Meanwhile, Marty, who had dozed off inside his “office” at the Sheriff’s office, was woken up by Henry. He thanked him for “bringing back Jacob” to him and Lucille. They were then interrupted by Fred. He asked Marty if he wanted some dinner as they were ordering take out. However, after being asked, Fred told Marty that he had not seen Henry, and when Marty looked back to where Henry was, he had vanished. They then rushed outside as they heard cars honking. When they went outside to investigate, they discovered that Henry had died at the wheel of his pick-up truck after suffering a “sudden cardiac arrest.” Both Fred and Maggie were devastated by this, and Fred revealed to Marty. It was since he was the youngest brother, he could not remember life without Henry. He also revealed to Marty that he felt that he hadn’t yet made up for the fact that he had tried to have Jacob taken away because he was Returned. Marty then went to comfort Maggie. He tried to reassure herself that Henry “wouldn’t have felt anything,” as his heart attack had been sudden.

Back at the government facility, a kind guard named Randy, who had noticed what Margaret had done earlier, passed by her room. He gave her a peanut butter sandwich as she had missed dinner. He then wondered why she was the only person in the facility that willingly wanted to stay there. He told her that he thought that she was “either punishing” her family, punishing herself.

Back in Arcadia, after Fred broke the news to Lucille, she refused to accept it. She told Fred that she knew that Henry was going to come back. Also, she told him that she had seen Preacher James bring Mr. Henderson back from the dead.

Meanwhile, at Twains, Elaine Richards (Samaire Armstrong) invited Rachael to take a look at the free room upstairs. She told her that if she liked it, that they could “work something out.” Rachael then told her not to feel “obliged” to take her in. Elaine told her that it was nothing compared to the fact that Rachael and her baby had “saved” her brother’s life.

At Pastor Tom Hale’s (Mark Hildreth) old church, Fed and Lucille met up with Preacher James. He told them that he would bring back Henry if they brought him Marty. He claimed that Marty was the only one who could do it. Marty initially refused, but after being told that they had nothing to lose to try it, he reluctantly agreed. At the church, Preacher James told him to “believe” in himself. He asked him what he had felt when had first seen the cicadas. He knew that Marty was afraid to admit the feelings that he had experienced that day. Marty then revealed that he had “felt scared, excited and strong.” He then revealed that at that moment, he had realized that he had “come back for a reason.” Afterwards, he brought Fred and Marty out to the field, where he had dug a grave for himself. He then revealed that to bring Henry back. He had to be killed so that he could go to where Henry was. He promised to be back in an hour’s time. Fred then shot him and became shaken as that was the first time he had “ever killed a man.”

Hours went by, and Preacher James still had not come back. They then searched every nook and cranny, but they could not find Henry or the preacher anywhere. Fred then apologized to Marty for “getting him involved” and asked for a favor. He called up the government facility and informed Margaret that Henry had passed away.

Meanwhile, Rachael and Elaine visited Tom’s grave, and as they exited, she paused and stared at the gravestone of Preacher James Goodman, for some strange reason.

Back home, Fred told Lucille that Henry was not going to come back. While Fred comforted her, Jacob opened the front door which revealed Preacher James and Henry.

Later that night, Fred finally apologized to Henry for trying to take Jacob away from him. After he had left, Henry asked Lucille if everything was just “a dream.” Lucille just told him that she did not care, especially as her family was complete again.

At the government facility, Randy, the kind guard, informed Margaret that Henry had returned and that a certain Preacher James, whom Margaret remembered from when she was the girl, had brought him back.

Later that night, Marty asked Preacher James why had asked for Marty if he could bring back the dead by himself. James revealed to Marty that he knew that he was a “wicked man” in the past. When he had saved Marty in the river, he had given up on life and had “wanted to die.” However, because of what he had done, he had been saved, and that Marty gave him “a purpose in life, and even after death.” Because of this, he knew that he and Marty were connected. He also knew that it was “no coincidence” that they were both back in Arcadia at the same time. He then revealed that when had died to get Henry, that he had seen that there were “more than you can imagine that were just waiting.”

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