Resurrection Recap: Will

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Resurrection Recap: Will
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Resurrection” Season 2 Episode 5 “Will” aired last Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Barbara Langston tried to salvage her relationship with her husband and daughter, Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) and Maggie Langston (Devin Kelley).This led the Langston matriarch, Margaret (Michell Fairley), to step up her game in order to “protect” her family. Meanwhile, Maggie tried her best to understand and to figure out why the Returned were getting sick, while ICE Agent Marty Bellamy (Omar Epps) discovered some part of the truth about the bones they had found in the river. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Marty arrived home from jogging to find Fred waiting for him. Marty informed him that Maggie was at the clinic, treating those Returned who had gotten sick with the same virus that had been spreading. Fred then showed him a small bone that he had kept. He then informed Marty that he had found it in the old Langston Factory. He also told him that he believed that the men whose bones they had recovered at the river had first died in a fire that struck the factory in 1935.  The family tried to cover up by telling everyone that the men had died in a trucking accident. However, as the two men had Returned, the village probably got scared and murdered them three more times before they finally disappeared.

At the local bar, Eliane Richards (Samaire Armstrong) comforted Barbara Langston (April Billingsley). There, she told her that Maggie did love her and reminded her that the “ones who love us always forgive us."

At the clinic, Maggie released a very sick Mikey Enders to the care of his younger brother, Deputy Carl Enders (Christopher Berry), whom Mikey used to terrorize. When Marty came in to check in on her, she informed him that they had been able to keep the sickness under control with medications, and she asked him to reach out to his government contacts to help them out, as she did not know what exactly they were dealing with. hHowever, Marty insisted that should not bring in the government in on what was happening yet.

Afterwards, she headed over to the bar where she was able to bond with her mother, Barbara. She told her that she wished that she had known her when she was growing up. Maggie told her that because of that, Fred had changed as he turned out to be a good father. She then told her mother that she used to fantasize about having a normal family. She apologized for being so hard on Barbara when things did not live up to her expectations. Because of this, Barbara paid Fred a visit, and they reconciled with each other. Margaret, who dropped by to invite Fred to breakfast, was surprised to see that Barbara had spent the night with Fred. However, back at home, when Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher), Jacob’s (Landon Gimenez) mother, told Margaret that she had wanted to apologize for her behavior during the family dinner, Margaret told her that she had nothing to apologize for.

At church, Pastor Tom Hale (Mark Hildreth) presided over one of his first few services at their new church, which he named New Life Church, as his church ministered to the Returned. There, he reminded them that the Returned also deserved “love, understanding and forgiveness.” At these words, Maggie looked at Lucille, who was there with her husband, Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith), and Jacob. Before the closing hymn, Maggie spoke to them regarding the illness that was spreading among the Returned.

Meanwhile, Marty visited Margaret and told her that he and Fred knew about the Langston Factory fire in 1935. It killed the two men whose bones they had recovered from the river. He told her that he knew that she was the one who had dumped the bones into the river. He then discovered that the two Returned men had stopped coming back after they lost the will to live.

Back at home, he and Maggie fought with each other. Maggie wanted to know why he had been so secretive lately. She had noticed that something had changed ever since he reappeared a week after the government troops had come to take the other Returned away. She also revealed to him that she knew that Marty had informed them about the bones that they had found, and that’s why it was taken away from them. She then left for the Langston house. She told him that he was right in saying that she did not know anything about him at all.

At the Langston house, she checked up on both Jacob and her grandmother, Margaret, and gave them both a “clean bill of health." After she checked her grandmother, Margaret revealed that she was worried about Fred and told her that she discovered that Barbara had spent the night at Fred’s the previous night.

Meanwhile, Carl decided not to give Mikey the medicines that he needed so that he could disappear the same way that Arthur Holmes, another sick Returned, had disappeared, so that he could be free of his brother forever. After a while, Mikey told Carl that he could not take it anymore, and as he had lost the will to live, he disappeared, freeing Mikey from his clutches.

Maggie was surprised to find that her parents were happily cooking some chili and was even more surprised when her father invited her to stay to watch a movie. Maggie told him that she was worried about them getting back together, but her father told her that they could all be friends together, and what mattered at that moment was that for the first time ever, they were going to sit down together as a family, have dinner and watch a movie together.

Janine Hale (Lori Beth Sikes), who had brought some dinner in for Rachael (Kathleen Munroe), called Tom into her room because she had gotten sick and was not waking up. Because of this, they rushed her to the clinic where Maggie was able to stabilize her for the timebeing. While there, she called up her grandmother and told her that they both should stop interfering with Barbara and Fred’s relationship as they were happy as of the moment. She then called up Marty and asked him to call up his government contact, as the situation was getting worse because she did not know exactly what was happening to the Returned. However, he only got frustrated as his government contact did not offer to help them out, and to just keep them “apprised of the situation."

Meanwhile, Margaret paid Barbara a visit and invited her to walk with her into the park, in front of the tree where they had hung the leg braced man who had Returned in the past. As she talked to her, she reminded her of all of the painful things and memories — that she had caused Jacob to drown, that Maggie had become a beautiful and wonderful woman without her, that she had gone to Sam Catlin when she had returned because she was ashamed of herself, and that no one really wanted her. She then told her that they had Returned to be punished for her sins. Barbara, who broke down, told her that it was all too much for her to handle, as she thought that she had come back in order to get as a second chance at life. Margaret then revealed to her that “all of the pain could vanish” if she just “let go." Elaine, who had noticed the two women talking, drew nearer to them as she knew that Margaret did not like Barbara. However, she was surprised to discover that after a split second, Barbara had disappeared.

At Maggie’s apartment, Marty apologized to Maggie and told she was the only one who truly knew him. He informed her that Fred had asked him not to investigate the bones anymore as the bones had been discovered in the old Langston Factory, which meant that her family might have had something to do with their murders. Just as he was about to tell her the truth that he was Returned, she received a phone call from the clinic. She then rushed back there as Rachael’s condition got worse.

While she was there, Elaine came to tell her what she had seen. Shaken by the news, Maggie checked the vials of the blood samples of the Returned to see if her mother’s blood was still there. As Barbara’s blood samples were gone, Maggie realized that her mother had gone for good.

While Maggie was at the clinic, Marty woke up coughing and discovered that he had come down with the same sickness the other Returned had come down with. Because of this, he decided to return Maggie’s key to her and left a note to Maggie, which informed her that he was going to go and look for some answers. However, he was forced to stop driving in the middle of the woods as his coughing got worse to the point that he had to lie down at the back of his car.

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