‘The Returned’ is Back for More Creepy Episodes in Season 2; Reason for Resurrection Finally Explained?

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
‘The Returned’ is Back for More Creepy Episodes in Season 2; Reason for Resurrection Finally Explained?
The Returned

“The Returned” Season 2 is all set to premier this fall despite failing to gather and sustain enough interest among fans and viewers. “The Returned” is originally adapted from the award winning French supernatural thriller popularly known as “Les Revenants” in France, its second season had already started shooting last October. Will Season 2 finally explain the reason for the return of the dead? Read on to find out more about “The Returned” Season 2.

The story of “Returned” opens up in a small mountain town where local people who have been presumed dead long ago, reappear leading to disruption of the lives of residents.  They all are unaware of the reason and purpose of their reawakening. Part one had creepy moments that were spine chilling. The dead returning from graves brought emotional moments of family reunion and creepy bloodshed revenges along with their rebirth. The first season ended without much information of how and why the dead came back, as stated by Collider.

The second part has taken a leap of six months after the first part. According to the official story guide and teaser posted on Seriable, Adele will give birth to Simons’ child and the city will be partially drowned in flood. While the dam remains under surveillance, some choose to stay over. In the midst, rumors of dead are circulated but authorities did not believe them. Suddenly, an unknown man will come to town, who calls himself Berg but it seems that he knows a lot more than what he claims. It is then, when fans and viewers will see the occurrence of a new wave of resurrection.

The series is going to have eight parts and will see the return of some actors and actresses from the original cast along with Laurent Lucas as the new mystery man of the town.

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