The Returned Episode 3 Recap: Julie

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Returned Episode 3 Recap: Julie
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The Returned” Season 1 Episode 3 titled, “Julie” aired on Mar. 23, 2015 on A&E. Read on for more details.

On the last episode of “The Returned,” Simon continuously shows up in front of Rowann. She thinks she’s just having visions. Lena thinks Camille is only an identity thief pretending to be her sister. Read last week’s episode recap here.

The episode flashes back to Halloween seven years ago. Two girls in a mask kiss each other. Julie leaves and she passes through the tunnel on her way home. It was when a man in a mask suddenly grabs her and stabs her. He tells her, “It’s over.”

At George’s funeral, a mystery woman is watching from behind the tree. Claire sees Peter and calls him. Claire tells him Camille is not the only one. Lena tells him about Simon and walks away.

Annie runs after Julie. She asks for Victor and tells her about Lucy. She reminds her of a similar incident in the past wherein the killer ate the victim’s stomach. Julie suddenly hyperventilates and walks away.

A man walks through the forest. He looks for his mother and opens the door, but sees an empty house. Another man pulls over and enters the house and sees the wolf’s dead body hung over the ceiling. He tries to bury the wolf when the other man arrives and asks him what he’s doing to his wolf.

The man hits him in the head with the shovel. He hides himself inside the house, but the other man wakes up and tries to open the door. He prays. After awhile, the knocking stopped. He thinks the other man has already left and goes outside. The other man hits him from behind.

When he wakes up, he asks for his mom. He tells her she died two years ago. He wonders why he never knew. Turns out, his mom was with him during the accident.

Camille visits Lena upstairs. She tells her she’s pretty and wonders if she already slept with Ben. Lena tells her they’re not together. She tells her she doesn’t know how it was like without her. Camille sees a scar on Lena’s back.

Jack thinks that they should let Camille start a new life in another country. Claire heads to Camille’s room and sees her wearing Lena’s bra. She suggests they could shop at the mall.

At the mall, Claire runs into Kris. She sees Camille. Kris is dumbfounded. Camille introduces herself as Lena’s cousin, Alice.

Back at home, Jack convinces Claire to move to another place. He tells her it’s a chance for them to start over and kisses her.

Peter asks for Simon at the station and gets him out. Simon asks if he knows Rowan and if he knows her former fiancé. He tells her he’s not the only one who came back after death. He asks Peter to pull over.

Nikki pays Julie a visit. She tells her there was another attack. She asks Julie to be careful. Julie tells her that she never paid her a visit for seven years. She says she tried but she never understood. Julie closes the door.

Annie knocks on Julie’s door and  he asks why the cops went there. She thinks she illegally took Victor. Julie shuts her door. She warns her she’ll call the police. Victor listens from behind. Julie tells her it’s fine. After awhile, Julie leaves Victor alone to grab some food. Victor rings Annie’s door. She offers him to stay inside.

At the station, Tommy monitors the cameras at Rowan’s house. He asks for Simon and finds out Peter took him. He heads over to the center. Peter tells him Simon asked about Rowan. Tommy asks him to call him if he hears from Simon again.

At the library, Rowan sees Simon. She tells him she thinks they would have been happy. He tells her he came to say goodbye. She says she’ll always love him. Before he leaves, she shows him their daughter.

Simon looks for Peter. He asks for a place to stay.

Rowan arrives at home. Lena pays her a visit and looks for Simon. She finds out Simon wasn’t a product of her imagination. At night, she sees Simon outside her house. She kisses him. Tommy sees them from the CCTV.

Camille sees Ben at the bar. She introduces herself as Alice. They walk inside the bar and Lena sees them. Lena tells her to go home. Camille leaves and Lena rushes to the bathroom and cries. Ben runs after her and he asks her to talk to him. Lena kisses him. He notices the wound on her back, which grew bigger than before. She walks away.

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